Elastic waves and ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation: proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Elastic Wave Propagation and Ultrasonic Evaluation, University of Colorado, Boulder, U.S.A., July 30-August 3, 1989

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North-Holland, 1990 - Medical - 469 pages
During the last decade, the emergence of ultrasonic techniques for nondestructive evaluation of materials has provided a strong impetus for the study of propagation and diffraction of elastic waves. Elastic wave propagation studies have led to quantitative techniques for evaluation and service-life prediction of structures. The IUTAM Symposium provided an opportunity for researchers active in the interdisciplinary field of QNDE to assess progress and delineate areas of future research. Leading researchers presented state-of-the-art lectures, focusing attention on an important technological area in which wave propagation studies have made, and will continue to make important contributions toward advancing the technology. The volume provides a comprehensive overview on the current state of analytical, numerical, and experimental techniques as well as outlining future research needs. It provides evidence of important advances that have been made in the detailed analysis and experimental verification of ultrasonic scattering by single and multiple defects in isotropic medium. Judging by the progress made in the last decade, it is anticipated that ultrasonic techniques will find more and more use in quantitative nondestructive evaluation. In that regard it is hoped that this volume will be a valuable reference to researchers and practitioners in ultrasonic NDE. A selection of contents: A. Ultrasonic Scattering, Inverse Problems, and Localization. From ultrasonics to failure prevention (J.D. Achenbach). The peculiarity of vibration process localization in semi-restricted regions (V.A. Babeshko et al.). Inverse scattering in general anisotropic elastic media (D.E. Budreck, J.H. Rose). The null field and T matrix methods for elastodynamic scattering problems: Cracks and other types of flaws (P. Olsson, A. Bostrouml;m). Scattering of acoustic and elastic waves from cracks using hypersingular boundary integral equations (T.J. Rudolphi et al.). Experimental flaw detection by scattering of plate waves (H. Spetzler, S.K. Datta). A unified approach towards inverse problems in ultrasonic NDT (L.F. van der Wal et al.). B. Guided Waves in Multilayered and Composite Media. Wave propagation in composite media and material characterization (S.K. Datta et al.). Nondestructive evaluation of damage development in composite materials (I.M. Daniel et al.). A ray analysis of acoustic pulses reflected from a thick composite plate immersed in a fluid (A.K. Mal et al.). Ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation of graphite epoxy composite laminates (J.G. Miller). Nondestructive measurements of elastic constants of composite materials by ultrasonic methods (S.I. Rokhlin, W. Wang). Dynamic effective properties of transversely isotropic elastic spheres in an isotropic elastic matrix (F.J. Sabina). Generalized scaling transform for the point source solution of the wave equation in anisotropic media (A. Tverdokhlebov, J.L. Rose). C. Wave Propagation in Nonhomogeneous and Prestressed Media and Acoustic Emission. Characterization of material deformation and failure responses from ultrasonic measurements (R.B. Thompson). Strain-induced anisotrophy in elastic wave propagation (M. Braun). Numerical simulations of acoustic emission and inversion of microcracking (M. Enoki, T. Kishi). Uniaxial dissipative elastic waves due to high velocity impact (H. Irschik, F. Ziegler). Ultrasonic-wave studies of the new High-T c oxide superconductors (H. Ledbetter). Ultrasonic studies of deformation and failure of rocks (C.M. Sayers). Radiative transfer and diffusivity of ultrasound in polycrystals (R.L. Weaver). Poster Presentations. Lacunas in welds (I.D. Abrahams, G.R. Wickham). Use of the connection machine to study ultrasonic wave propagation in materials (P.P. Delsanto et al.). Finite element study of diffraction tomography (Z. You, W. Lord). Epilogue: Mile-High IUTAM (L.B. Felsen). Author Index.

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