Electric Blue

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AuthorHouse, Jul 26, 2007 - Fiction - 208 pages
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ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY FORMAT EQUALS 118 PAGES Genre: Crime / Thriller Tagline: What are you going to do when the electric blue comes for you? Plot outline: An ex special government operative, Calvin Kashee turned psychotic drug trafficker sets off on a rampage of crimes which law enforcement as a result, gets mangled up in. Despite the D.E.A's best efforts to contain Calvin, he kills Special Agent Jack Parker's partner and eludes capture. Now Parker, a mostly experienced researcher - against the D.E.A.'s advice - goes undercover to track Calvin's shadowy dealings. But when professionals in the underworld gather to play tournament poker, unbeknownst to Parker they try to create an untraceable steroid to seize control of horseracing, while he struggles to figure out where and when Calvin's next smuggling operation will take place. About the Book Calvin Kashee an ex special government operative trained to be an assassin by his superior and adopted father, transforms into a psychotic drug trafficker. His rampage of crime gauges law enforcement officers throughout Hawaii and Southern California. The D.E.A. is called in and they cannot contain him nor trace him. But when an underworld circle of eclectic professionals meets up to play their annual poker tournament in Hawaii, despite the departments objections, D.E.A. Special Agent Jack Parker goes undercover and attempts to track the next drug smuggling operation before the narcotics leave the United States. Unbeknownst to him, the shadowy associates congregate to develop an untraceable steroid and plan to seize control of horseracing starting at The Del Mar Fairgrounds, near San Diego, California. During his solo stakeout a mysterious artist named Karmen who falls in love with Doctor Bing Hurst III befriends Agent Parker on his pursuit. Their unexpected crossed paths force them to stop Calvin together.

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About the author (2007)


Rafal Zlak emigrated to the U.S. at age three from Warsaw, Poland. He grew up in the Beehive-State of Utah, where he graduated from the University of Utah in 2000 with a degree in Communication. He then moved to Baltimore, Maryland where he not only finished a degree in Publications Design in 2002 from the University of Baltimore, but recognized that drug use was no longer seen as a recreational activity, as it more closely resembled the hard-core realties of many people’s lives. Next, was San Diego, California, where he understood that border drug trafficking seemed to be as regular as lane changing is on the local interstate 5.
After a childhood friend’s drug addiction, which consequently accelerated a diagnosis of schizophrenia and later, coming across another young person’s overdose, which ended in death, the author realized that government agencies within the United States need to gain a stronger handle hold on the illegal importation and dissemination of all drug related substances. The author believes these agencies must work together and intervene before people’s unconscious drug habits direct their own untimely demise and their automatic mechanical actions spread such poisons further into the womb of society.
Since, the New York Times headlined an article on March 12, 1911,
- the author wonders what steps have succeeded in countering this and which avenues still need exploring. The author hopes there will come a day in our human oriented society where we will live in a drug- free world.                                                                                                                                          
Rafal admires many film genres by being a passionate believer in the medium of cinema. He understands the inspirational affect that film can have especially after watching such films as
The Power of One,   Brighton Beach Memories,  Forrest Gump  and  Shawshank Redemption

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