Electric Drives and Electromechanical Systems: Applications and Control

Ön Kapak
Elsevier, 2 Şub 2006 - 312 sayfa
The focus of this book on the selection and application of electrical drives and control systems for electromechanical and mechatronics applications makes it uniquely useful for engineers in industry working with machines and drives. It also serves as a student text for courses on motors and drives, and engineering design courses, especially within mechanical engineering and mechatronics degree programs.

The criteria for motor-drive selection are explained, and the main types of drives available to drive machine tools and robots introduced. The author also provides a review of control systems and their application, including PLCs and network technologies. The coverage of machine tools and high-performance drives in smaller applications makes this a highly practical book focused on the needs of students and engineers working with electromechanical systems.

* An invaluable survey of electric drives and control systems for electromechanical and mechatronics applications
* Essential reading for electrical and mechanical engineers using motors and drives
* An ideal electric motors and drives text for university courses including mechatronics

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Richard Crowder was educated at the University of Leicester, receiving a BSc in Electrical Engineering and a PhD for work on induction motor control. Prior to joining the University of Southampton he worked for a company manufacturing drive systems and advanced machine tools. At the University of Southampton he undertook research into robotics, including prosthetic hands and swarm robots. His teaching responsibilities included robotics, application of modern drive systems and design theory. He has published over 200 papers in both journals and conferences. Following early retirement, he currently holds the post of emeritus fellow in the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom.

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