Electric Lighting: A Practical Exposition of the Art, for the Use of Engineers, Students, and Others Interested in the Installation Or Operation of Electrical Plants, Volume 1

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Page 448 - PALAZ, A. Treatise on Industrial Photometry. Specially applied to Electric Lighting. Translated from the French by GW Patterson, Jr., Assistant Professor of Physics in the University of Michigan, and MR Patterson, BA Second Edition.
Page 447 - GUY, ARTHUR F. Electric Light and Power, giving the result of practical experience in Central-Station Work. 8vo, cloth. Illustrated. $2.50.
Page 23 - ... As a unit of electromotive force, the international volt, which is the electromotive force that, steadily applied to a conductor whose resistance is one international ohm, will produce a current of one international ampere, and which is represented sufficiently well for practical use by \\\% of the electromotive force between the poles or electrodes of the voltaic cell known as Clark's cell, at a temperature of 15 C., and prepared in the manner described in the accompanying specification...
Page 22 - As a unit of resistance, the international ohm, which is based upon the ohm equal to 10" units of resistance of the CGS system of electromagnetic units, and is represented by the resistance offered to an unvarying electric current by a column of mercury at the temperature of melting ice, 14.4521 grams in mass, of a constant cross-sectional area and of the length of 106.3 centimetres.
Page 450 - JW Dynamo Construction. A Practical Handbook for the use of Engineer Constructors and Electricians in Charge.
Page 446 - TRAMWAYS: THEIR CONSTRUCTION AND WORKING. Embracing a Comprehensive History of the System ; with an exhaustive Analysis of the various Modes of Traction, including...
Page 447 - INCANDESCENT ELECTRIC LIGHTING. A Practical Description of the Edison System, by H. Latimer. To which is added: The Design and Operation of Incandescent Stations, by CJ Field; A Description of the Edison Electrolyte Meter, by AE Kennelly; and a Paper on the Maximum Efficiency of Incandescent Lamps, by TW Howell. Fifth Edition. Illustrated.
Page 448 - CE) A Pocket-book of Electrical Rules and Tables for the use of Electricians and Engineers.
Page 24 - It is nearly filled with the solution, and connected to the rest of the circuit by being placed on a clean copper support to which a binding screw is attached.
Page 22 - First. The unit of resistance shall be what is known as the International ohm, which is substantially equal to one thousand million units of resistance of the centimeter-gram-second system of electro-magnetic units, and is represented by the resistance offered to an unvarying electric current by a column of mercury at the temperature of melting ice fourteen and four thousand...

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