Electric lighting: a practical exposition of the art, for the use of engineers, students, and others interested in the installation or operation of electrical plants, Volume 2

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Page 510 - CE A Pocketbook of Electrical Rules and Tables for the use of Electricians and Engineers.
Page 508 - TRAMWAYS: THEIR CONSTRUCTION AND WORKING. Embracing a Comprehensive History of the System ; with an exhaustive Analysis of the various Modes of Traction, including...
Page 510 - PALAZ, A. Treatise on Industrial Photometry. Specially applied to Electric Lighting. Translated from the French by GW Patterson, Jr., Assistant Professor of Physics in the University of Michigan, and MR Patterson, BA Second Edition.
Page 460 - The lower limit is specified for rubber-covered wires to prevent gradual deterioration of the high insulations by the heat of the wires, but not from fear of igniting the insulation. The question of drop is not taken into consideration in the above tables.
Page 512 - Electric Ship-Lighting. A Handbook on the Practical Fitting and Running of Ship's Electrical Plant, for the use of Ship Owners and Builders, Marine Electricians, and Sea".going Engineers in Charge. 88 Illustrations. 12mo., cloth, 308 pp $3.00 Electric-Light Fitting. A Handbook for Working Electrical Engineers, embodying Practical Notes on Installation Management. Second Edition, with additional chapters.
Page 509 - GUY, ARTHUR F. Electric Light and Power, giving the result of practical experience in Central-Station Work. 8vo, cloth. Illustrated. $2.50.
Page 509 - No. 57. INCANDESCENT ELECTRIC LIGHTING. A Practical Description of the Edison System. By LH Latimer. To which is added the Design and Operation of Incandescent Stations, by CJ Field; and the Maximum Efficiency of Incandescent Lamps, by John W. Howell.
Page 11 - W, we find that the most economical area of conductor is that for which the annual cost of energy wasted is equal to the annual interest on that portion of the capital outlay which can be considered to be proportional to the weight of metal used. Professor George Forbes, in his Cantor Lecture, on " The Distribution of Electricity...
Page 459 - Must be so placed in wet places that an air space will be left between conductors and pipes in crossing, and the former must be run in such a way that they cannot come in contact with the pipe accidentally. Wires should be run over, rather than under, pipes upon which moisture is likely to gather or which, by leaking, might cause trouble on a circuit.
Page 510 - GASTON. The Storage of Electrical Energy, and Researches in the Effects created by Currents, combining Quantity with High Tension. Translated from the French by Paul B. El'well. 89 illustrations. 8vo $1.00 PL ATTNER.

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