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D. Van Nostrand Company, 1908 - 303 pagine

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Pagina 310 - With Illustrations. CONTENTS : Preface. Definitions. Physical and Chemical Qualities. Mechanical, Thermal, and Electrical Properties. Transparency and Colour. Raw materials of manufacture. Crucibles and Furnaces for Fusion. Process of Fusion. Processes used in Working of Glass. Bottle. Blown and Pressed. Rolled or Plate. Sheet and Crown. Coloured. Optical Glass : Nature and Properties, Manufacture. Miscellaneous Products. Appendix. Bibliography of Glass Manufacture. Index.
Pagina 308 - With 173 Diagrams and Illustrations. CONTENTS : Preface. Electric Phenomena. Electric Vibrations. Electro-Magnetic Waves. Modified Hertz Waves used in RadioTelegraphy. Apparatus used for Charging the Oscillator. The Electric Oscillator : Methods of Arrangement, Practical Details. The Receiver : Methods of Arrangement, The Detecting Apparatus, and other details. Measurements in Radio-Telegraphy. The Experimental Station at Elmers End : Lodge-Muirhead System. Radio - Telegraph Station at Nauen : Telefunken...
Pagina 244 - A small piece of pure potash, which had been exposed for a few seconds to the atmosphere, so as to give conducting power to the surface, was placed upon an insulated disc of platina, connected with the negative side of the battery of the power of...
Pagina 311 - CONTENTS : Preface. List of Illustrations. Historical Notice. Cellulose and Paper-making Fibres. The Manufacture of Paper from Rags, Esparto and Straw. Wood Pulp and Wood Pulp Papers. Brown Papers and Boards. Special kinds of Paper. Chemicals used in Paper-making. The Process of
Pagina 309 - Glass Manufacture. By WALTER ROSENHAIN, Superintendent of the Department of Metallurgy in the National Physical Laboratory, late Scientific Adviser in the Glass Works of Messrs. Chance Bros. & Co. 280 Pages. With Illustrations. CONTENTS: Preface. Definitions. Physical and Chemical Qualities, Mechanical, Thermal, and Electrical Properties. Transparency _ THE "WESTMINSTER
Pagina 245 - ... small globules having a high metallic lustre, and being precisely similar in visible characters to quicksilver, appeared, some of which burnt with explosion and bright flame, as soon as they were formed, and others remained, and were merely tarnished, and finally covered by a white film which formed on their surfaces.
Pagina 308 - With 71 Illustrations. LIST OF CONTENTS : The Nature and Properties of Town Gas. The History and Manufacture of Town Gas. The Bye-Products of Coal Gas Manufacture. Gas Lights and Lighting. Practical Gas Lighting. The Cost of Gas Lighting. Heating and Warming by Gas. Cooking by Gas. The Healthfulness and Safety of Gas in all its uses. Town Gas for Power Generation, including Private Electricity Supply. The Legal Relations of Gas Suppliers, Consumers, and the Public. Index. The
Pagina 307 - ... decade, assumed such importance that it is hoped this account of the history and development of the use of various forms of combustible liquids and gases for the generation of energy may do some service in its advancement. Electric Power and Traction. By FH DAVIES, AMIEE With 66 Illustrations. LIST OF CONTENTS : Introduction. The Generation and Distribution of Power. The Electric Motor. The Application of Electric Power. Electric Power in Collieries. Electric Power in Engineering Workshops. Electric...
Pagina 307 - Abbreviations. Length and Distance. Surface and Area. Volumes. Weights or Measures. Pressures. Linear Velocities, Angular Velocities. Acceleration. Energy. Power. Introductory Water Power and Methods of Measuring. Application of Water Power to the Propulsion of Machinery. The Hydraulic Turbine. Various Types of Turbine. Construction of Water Power Plants. Water Power Installations. The Regulation of Turbines. Wind Pressure, Velocity, and Methods of Measuring. The Application of Wind Power to Industry....
Pagina 312 - CONTENTS: The Structural Elements of Wood. Cellulose as a Chemical. Sources of Supply. Mechanical Wood Pulp. Chemical Wood Pulp. The Bleaching of Wood Pulp. News and Printings. Wood Pulp Boards. Utilisation of Wood Waste. Testing of Wood Pulp for Moisture. Wood Pulp and the Textile Industries. Bibliography. Index.

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