Electrochemistry in Mineral and Metal Processing VII, Issue 3

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Fiona M. Doyle, Geoff H. Kelsall, R. Woods
The Electrochemical Society, 2006 - Electrometallurgy - 420 pages
This issue documents research and development activities that utilize electrochemical principles and techniques to achieve practical objectives in applications ranging from processing crude ore to production of value-added materials. The focus will be on identifying opportunities for future progression that utilize the latest understanding of electrochemical mechanisms in processing systems.

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Electrochemical Studies on Heazlewoodite Flotation from Inco Matte R Rao and J Finch
Improving the Flotation Behavior of a Sulfide Ore by Controlling S Grano and G Huang
Single Particle Microelectrodes for Electrochemical Analysis of Sulfide J D Miller T Vermaak and M Moats
Electrochemical Interactions in Flotation and Leaching
Specific Characteristics of Noble Metal Nanoparticles on Sulfide Minerals Y L Mikhlin A Romanchenko and L Makhova Observed by XPS and STS
XPS Static SIMS and NEXAFS Spectroscopic Investigation of Thiol A N Buckley S Goh R Lamb L Fan and Y Yang Adsorption on Metals and Metal...
Surface Products on Gold Leached in Ammoniacal CopperII Thiosulfate K Watling G A Hope M I Jeffrey and R Woods Solution
Galvanic Interactions Between Gold and Sulfides during Thiosulfate Leaching M I Jeffrey D Thompson C Chu and P Breuer
The Influence of Galena Galvanic Interaction on the Reactivity of Chalcopyrite D Nava and I González Flotation Concentrate
The Effect of Additives on the Electroless Deposition of Gold from a M I Jeffrey and A Angstetra ThiosulfateAscorbic Acid Bath
EQCM Study of the Influence of Copper Ions on the Adsorption of Polyethylene Glycol and Bissodium sulfopropyl Disulfide at a Copper Cathode
Role of K OsseoAsare M Deelo and K Weil Ammonium Ion
Hydrodynamic Modeling of Copper Electrodeposition at a Vertical Rotating C P Fabian P Mandin M Ridd and M Sheehan Cylinder Electrode
Gold Electrowinning from Acidic Aqueous Chloride in a Packed Bed Electrode G Kelsall C Cheng M Diaz and A Robson
Electrocrystallization Behavior of Copper Electrodeposited from Aqueous C Huang J Chang and F Hsu Sulfuric Acid with Thiourea and Chloride Ad...
Evaluation of the Effects of Additives Pulsing and Temperature on M Free A Rodchanarowan N Phadke and R Bhide Morphologies of Copper Electr...

J Nava I González and D Nava Galvanic Interactions Affecting the Rate of Dissolution of Sphalerite
Electrochemical Behavior of the Oxidation and Reduction Processes for R LunaSánchez and I GonzálezMartínez Pyrargyrite Ag3SbS3 in Acidic Med...
The Activetopassive Transition of Chalcopyrite G ViramontesGamboa B RiveraVasquez and D G Dixon
Gold Enhanced Observation of Surface Products in Chalcopyrite Dissolution G A Hope G Parker and R Woods
Reductive Leaching of Chalcopyrite by Aluminum F Doyle and G Lapidus
The Electrochemistry of the Leaching Reactions in the Caron Process I Anodic A N Nikoloski and M Nicol Processes
Electrochemical Characterization of Galena under Simulated Carbonate Rich R Cruz R LaraCastro and M Monroy Weathering Conditions
on the Way to a Highly Effective Method for Pb Recovery
Model Predictions of Metal Leaching from Waste Electrical and Electronic G Kelsall C Cheng and A Robson Equipment in ChlorineContaining Acidi...
A Rotating Disk Electrochemical Dual Autoclave for the Study of I Lazaro and M I Jeffrey Electrochemistry and Leaching at High Temperature and ...
Cathode Guides for Conventional Copper Electrorefining Reactors Employing E Guerra and J Shepherd Starter Sheet Cathodes
Electrochemical Study of CopperII Reduction from AmmoniaChloride R Cruz and J Vazquez Solutions
Development and Scaleup of the FFC Cambridge Process D Hodgson D Fray L Slevin D Jackson A Fones I Mellor S Brewer
Density Viscosity and Conductivity of Tetraalkyl Phosphonium Ionic Liquids J W Vaughan D Dreisinger and J Haggins
Electrochemical Preparation of FeMn Alloy Film in Organic Bath G A Hope P Liu Q Yang G Li and Y Tong
Formation Processes of Chemically Deposited Copper Sulfide Thin Films C G Munce G Parker and G A Hope
Characterization of CrNi Multilayers from ChromiumIIINickelII Baths C Chen C Hsu U Liu and C Huang Using PulseCurrent Plating
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