Elementary Mechanical Drawing, for School and Shop

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Van Antwerp, Bragg, 1886 - Mechanical drawing - 121 pages
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Page 15 - An angle is the space included between two lines, which meet each other. Circle. A circle is a regular figure, bounded by a curve line, every part of which is equally distant from a point within it, called the centre. The circumference of a circle is the curve line, which bounds it. The radius of a circle is a straight line...
Page 39 - ... the sum of the distances of any point on the curve from two fixed points is constant, he would never have been known as " the Legislator \ \ of the Heavens.
Page 24 - When the distance between their centers is greater than the sum of their radii, there can be neither contact nor intersection.
Page 98 - In a dispatch dated January 24, 1896, Consul Ridgely, of Geneva, says: It may be interesting to American watchmakers to know that the latest invention of the watchmakers of Switzerland is a watch whose hands move from right to left instead of from left to right, as in ordinary watches. This unique invention is designed for the markets of Turkey, Japan, and other Oriental countries, where the natives read from right to left, and where, I am informed, there has been a demand for watches of this character.
Page 25 - THEOREM . 192. If two circumferences cut each other, the straight line passing through their centers will bisect at right angles the chord which joins the points of intersection. Let two circumferences cut each other at the points A and B ; then the straight line passing through...
Page 107 - EMF in volts generated by the alternator is represented by the hypothenuse of a rightangled triangle, of which the other two sides...
Page 39 - These parallels will divide the given line into the required number of equal parts.
Page 33 - To Draw a Line Perpendicular to a Given Line from a Point on the Line, or Outside the Line.
Page 35 - TANGENT LINES. A line is tangent to a circle, when it touches it ; ex.
Page 116 - Step: draw a horizontal line extending from the center line of the circle, the length of which is equal to the circumference of the circle.

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