Elements of Meteorology: With Questions for Examination, Designed for Schools and Academies

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Pratt, Oakley, 1859 - 268 pagine
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Pagina 179 - When the rising sun shines from that point whence its incident ray forms an angle of about 45°, on the sea of Reggio, and the bright surface of the water in the bay is not disturbed either by the wind or...
Pagina 179 - ... numberless series of pilasters, arches, castles well delineated, regular columns, lofty towers, superb palaces, with balconies and windows, extended alleys of trees, delightful plains with herds and flocks, armies of men on foot and horseback, and many other strange images, in their natural colours and proper actions, passing rapidly in succession along the surface of the sea...
Pagina 86 - They originate in the same causes as rain — the union of a cool body of air with one that is warm and humid ; when the precipitation of moisture is slight, fogs are produced ; when it is copious, rains are the result.
Pagina 187 - India probably arises from this cause. " A deep precipitous valley below us, at the bottom of which I had seen one or two miserable villages in the morning, bore in the evening a complete resemblance to a beautiful lake ; the vapour which played the part of water ascending nearly half way up the sides of the vale, and on its bright surface trees and rocks being distinctly reflected. I had not been long contemplating this phenomenon, before a sudden storm came on and dropped a curtain of clouds over...
Pagina 159 - The inevitable conclusion is, that all the exhibition of electrical phenomena witnessed during the afternoon, was purely the effect of induction, or the mere disturbance of the natural electricity of the wire at a distance, without any transfer of the fluid from the cloud to the apparatus. The discharge between the two portions of the wire continued for more than an hour, when the effect became so powerful, that the superintendent, alarmed for the safety of the building, connected the long wire with...
Pagina 75 - The best form consists of a cylindrical metal vessel furnished with a float ; the rain falling into the vessel raises the float, the stem of which is so graduated that the increase in depth can be very accurately measured.
Pagina 153 - I took a book, and occupied myself with reading, leaving by chance the receiving ball at upwards of an inch distance from the ball in the atmospheric conductor. About four o'clock in the afternoon, whilst I was still reading, I suddenly heard a very strong explosion between the two balls, and shortly after many more took place, until they became one uninterrupted stream of explosions, which died away and re-commenced with the opposite Electricity in equal violence. The stream of fire was too vivid...

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