Elements of homoeopathic practice of physic

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W. Radde, 1850 - Homeopathy - 372 pages
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Page 101 - High-coloured urine is passed with pain and in small quantities, the pupil is often dilated, soreness is felt on pressure over the liver, stomach, and belly. Bleeding by the lancet or leeches is required. Ice to the head gives great relief. In short, the patient is now labouring under a continued fever, not lo be distinguished from ordinary fever.
Page 102 - ... stupor, delirium supervenes, and death takes place from the fourth to the eighth day, or even later, in the very individual, too, whom the most assiduous attention had barely saved in the first or cold stage. To give a notion of the importance and danger of cholera fever, a most intelligent physician, Dr.
Page 100 - ... tongue is always moist, often white and loaded, and generally flabby and cold. A thermometer introduced below the tongue indicates an animal temperature frequently of ten or twelve degrees below the standard of health. The sense of touch is generally greatly obscured, and deafness is often present. If blood be obtained in this state, it is black, flows by drops, is thick, and feels colder than natural ; and the air which is expired is cold and raw. Vomiting and purging, which are far from being...
Page 100 - The secretion of urine is totally suspended ; vomiting and purging, which are far from being the most important or dangerous symptoms, and which in a very great number of cases of the disease have not been profuse, or have been arrested by medicine early in the attack, succeed. It is evident that the most urgent and peculiar symptom of this disease is the sudden depression of the vital powers, proved by the diminished action of the heart, the coldness of the surface and extremities...
Page 102 - Hospital, informs us, that of twenty cases treated under his own eye, who fell victims to the disease, seven died in the cold stage, and thirteen in the consecutive fever. " This singular malady is only cognizable, with certainty, during its blue or cold period. After reaction has been established, it cannot be distinguished from an ordinary continued fever, except by the shortness and fatality of its course. The greenish, or dark, and highly bilious discharges, produced in the hot stage, by calomel,...
Page 101 - ... purging, and the cramps, may have been more intense. The coldness and change of colour of the surface; the peculiar alteration of the voice ; a greater or less degree of coldness of the tongue; the character of the liquids evacuated...
Page 110 - ... lay six dead bodies. Not one of those who frequented this den of death, and who had their hands imbrued in the secretions of the dead for six hours out of the twenty-four, were affected with cholera, although their hands were irritated and punctured daily...
Page 98 - There was a hot, dry skin, a foul, deeply-furred tongue, parched mouth, thirst, sick stomach, restlessness, watchfulness, and quick variable pulse, sometimes with delirium and stupor, and other marked affections of the brain. Generally when the disorder proved fatal in this stage, the tongue, from being...
Page 100 - The patient asks qnly for water, speaks in a plaintive whisper (the ' vox cholerica,,) and only by a word at a time, from not being able to retain air enough in his lungs for a sentence. He tosses incessantly from side to side. and complains of intolerable weight and anguish around his heart. He struggles for breath ; and often lays his hand on his stomach and chest, to point out the seat of his agony. The integuments of the belly...
Page 98 - Generally, when the disorder proved fatal in this stage, the tongue, from being cream-colored, became brown, and sometimes black, hard, and more deeply furred ; the teeth and lips were covered with sordes ; the state of the skin varied, chills alternating with heats ; the pulse became extremely quick, weak and tremulous ; hiccough, catching of the breath, great restlessness and deep moaning succeeded ; and the patient soon sunk, incoherent and insensible, under the debilitating effects of low nervous...

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