Elements of perspective drawing; or The science of delineating real objects

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Page 14 - The diameter of a circle is a line drawn through the centre and terminated on either side by the
Page 14 - The radius of a circle is a line drawn from the centre to the circumference
Page 16 - When the sides of a rectangle are equal, it is called a square,
Page 15 - An arc is any part of the circumference of a circle (a,
Page 20 - Vanishing points, are points in a picture to which all lines converge that in the original object are parallel to each other. Parallel
Page 21 - object is said to be seen in parallel perspective when one of its sides is parallel to the plane of the picture
Page 25 - off the width, a', b, from b' to p, then draw from p to d on the left, and the
Page 15 - An angle is the space contained between two lines meeting in a point,
Page 30 - upon the perspective centre of which draw a perpendicular line, a, b ; on the centre of the line
Page 2 - the time is not far distant, it is to be hoped, when

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