Elements of Surveying

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1971 - Surveying
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Page 14-15 - MEANDERING. All navigable bodies of water and important rivers and lakes are segregated from the public lands at mean high-water elevation. The traverse of the margin of a permanent natural body of water is termed a meander line.
Page 14-15 - A lost corner is a point of a survey whose position cannot be determined, beyond reasonable doubt, either from traces of the original marks or from acceptable evidence or testimony that bears upon the original position, and whose location can be restored only by reference to one or more interdependent corners.
Page 1-1 - Any satellite whose orbit and payload render it useful for geodetic purposes. geodetic stellar camera— A precision terrestrial camera, usually employing glass plates, used to photograph elevated illuminated objects against a star background. geodetic survey— A survey in which the figure and size of the earth is considered. It is applicable for large areas and long lines and is used for the precise location of basic points suitable for controlling other surveys. geodetic zenith— The point where...
Page 14-10 - ... previously established township boundaries that come within the 2 1 -minute limit will not be considered defective. 171. Subdivision of Townships. The subdivision of a township proceeds in the order indicated in Fig. 99. Starting at the southwest corner of Section 36 a line is run toward the north parallel to the east boundary of the township; quarter-section and section corners are set at 40 and 80 chains respectively. From the section corner just set a random line is run eastward parallel to...
Page 1-2 - The process of comparing aerial photographs with conditions as they exist on the ground and of obtaining information to supplement or clarify that not readily discernible on the photographs themselves.
Page 1-3 - A survey executed for the purpose of obtaining information that is essential for planning an engineering project or development and estimating its cost. The information obtained may, in part, be recorded in the form of an engineering map.
Page 1-2 - Compare with field classification. field classification— Field inspection and identification of features which a map compiler is unable to delineate; identification and delineation of political boundary lines, place names, road classifications, buildings hidden by trees, and so forth. Field classification may be included as part of the control survey effort and normally is completed prior to the actual stereocompilation phase. See also field inspection. field comparator— A short line whose length...
Page 6-1 - In the slope taping method, the tape is held as required by the slope of the ground, the slope of the tape is measured, and the horizontal distance is computed.
Page 3-14 - ... is placed under tension by a stiff spring set into a recess in the back and bearing against a small brass angle plate attached to the top of the strip.
Page 9-3 - The angle between the astronomical meridian plane of the observer and the plane containing the observed point and the true normal (vertical) of the observer, measured in the plane of the horizon, preferably clockwise from north.

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