Elements of the Theory of Integers

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Macmillan, 1903 - Number theory - 258 pages

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Page 240 - М.) of two or more expressions is the product of all their different prime factors ( 109), each taken the greatest number of times that it occurs as a factor in any one of the expressions. 121. Required the LCM of...
Page 188 - EF and 677 on the diagonal q' and the corresponding segments on r' and ' are the diameters of the three couples of spheres that intersect in the three circles X, Y, Z. These results may be stated in the form of a theorem as follows: THEOREM.
Page 155 - The operation of multiplication is always possible. The operation of division is possible only when the passiv number is a multiple of the activ number.
Page 221 - LCM as the largest number of times that it occurs in any one of the given expressions.
Page 174 - A factor is common to two or more numbers when it is a factor of each of them. Thus, 3 is a common factor of 12 and 15.

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