Embedded Microprocessor Systems: Real World Design

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Embedded Microprocessor Systems is a revised and expanded new edition by the original author which covers both hardware and software for a variety of embedded systems. This book provides a clear, comprehensive introduction to embedded systems design with real-world examples. Embedded Microprocessor Systems is an introduction to the design of embedded microprocessor systems, from the initial concept through debugging the final result. Unlike many books on the market, Embedded Microprocessor Systems is not limited to describing any specific processor family, but covers the operation of and interfaces to several types of processors with an emphasis on cost and design tradeoffs. Included throughout the book are numerous examples, tips, and pitfalls you can only learn from an experienced designer. Not only will you find out how to implement faster and better design processes, but also how to avoid time-consuming and expensive mistakes. The author's many years of experience in industry have given him an extremely practical approach to design realities and problems. He describes the entire process of designing circuits and the software that controls them, assessing the system requirements, as well as testing and debugging systems. The less-experienced engineer will be able to apply Ball's advice to everyday projects and challenges immediately with amazing results. As an added bonus to this new edition, the author has included a chapter on advanced concepts and appendices of interest to students and beginners. Covers many microprocessor families. Includes numerous practical tips & pitfalls to avoid. Breaks topics down into logical, easy to understand segments.

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