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Nonfiction Usage Script UsageMr. Conners, this is a preliminary hearing. There is no defendant. There is no jury. There is only me. Son, what in the HELL is wrong with you?ndash;Frank Abagnale Jr. and Stan Redding in Catch Me If You CanJournalism UsageCalifornia - News: October 24, 2003 - Headline: Thousands Evacuated in California as Fires Approach Homes. Author: Mike O'Sullivan. Excerpt: They say the fire was started Tuesday by an unknown arsonist. Fire Captain Tom Conners said Santa Ana winds from the California desert made the blaze shift direction early Friday.Patent UsageIdentification and Characterization of an Anthocyanin Mutant (ant1) in Tomato: Patented by Karin Conners, Helena V. Mathews and Alex Liu on October 29, 2001. Abstract: The present invention is directed to a novel plant phenotype, designated Anthocyanin 1 (ANT1), a nucleic acid sequence expressed in plants demonstrating the ANT1 phenotype and the corresponding amino acid sequence. Also provided are plant cells that exhibit modified ANT1 expression.Method for submicron gap filling on a semiconductor substrate: Patented by Virendra V. Rana, Andrew Conners, Anand Gupta, Xin Guo and Soonil Hong on January 9, 1996. Abstract: A semiconductor manufacturing process with improved gap fill capabilities is provided by a three step process of FSG deposition/etchback/FSG deposition. A first layer of FSG is partially deposited over a metal layer. An argon sputter etchback step is then carried out to etch out excess deposition material. Finally, a second layer of FSG is deposited to complete the gap fill process.MITER SAW TRACK: Patented by John M. Conners on March 1, 1990. Abstract: An elongated in-the-field relatively long workpiece supporting frame provided with a wood working tool is formed by a pair of upright end frames, horizontally supporting a pair of tracks therebetween. The tracks in turn support a carriage movable along the tracks toward or away from either of the end frames. A workpiece extending between the work frames is supported by horizontal panel members on the frames while the workpiece lies on the work table of the wood working tool.Multi-beam scanning apparatus: Patented by Jae-yong Eum, Won-hyung Lee, Cheol-young Han and Gary H. Conners on June 2, 1998. Abstract: A multi-beam scanning apparatus includes at least two optical sources, a beam deflector having a deflection disc with a plurality of sectors for diffracting and transmitting incident beams, and a driving source for rotating the deflection disc, for deflecting and projecting beams emitted from the optical sources. A beam corrector installed along a light path, for correcting the beams deflected by the beam deflector.Storage support assembly for luggage in a vehicle: Patented by Jerry P. Conners and Virginia S. Conners on November 5, 1997. Abstract: A storage support assembly, which provides a luggage rack for a rear portion of a vehicle, has an adjustable frame support capable of receiving a panel on a top portion thereof in order to provide accessibility and compartments for storage of luggage.Bibliographic UsageAbikoff, H. B., et al. Observed classroom behavior of children with ADHD: relationship to gender and comorbidity appears in Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology written by H. B. Abikoff, P. S. Jensen, L. L. Arnold, B. Hoza, L. Hechtman, S. Pollack, D. Martin, J. Alvir, J. S. March, S. Hinshaw, B. Vitiello, J. Newcorn, A. Greiner, D. P. Cantwell, C. K. Conners, G. Elliott, L. L. Greenhill, H. Kraemer, J. R. Pelham We, J. B. Severe, J. M. Swanson, K. Wells and T. Wigal. Published in August 2002.Achenbach, T. M., et al. Replication of empirically derived syndromes as a basis for taxonomy of child/adolescent psychopathology appears in Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology written by T. M. Achenbach, C. K. Conners, H. C. Quay, F. C. Verhulst and C. T. Howell. Published in June 1989.Adams, R. M., et al. Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity: normative data for Conners

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