Emissaries: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature EmissariesEmissaries are instigating Paris to revolt. Agitators would gladly bring back the revolutionary tribunals.ndash;John S.C. Abbott in Napoleon Bonaparte.Toward the end of the meal he gave a preconcerted signal by calling out, 'Bring the fruit,' upon which his emissaries rushed in and killed the two guests.ndash;Dante Alighieri in Divine Comedy: Inferno (tr Norton).Mr. Langhorn subsequently took the oath of allegiance to the United States, and was of great service in reporting the movements and designs of the rebel emissaries in Canada to Col. Sweet.ndash;I. Windslow Ayer in The Great North-Western Conspiracy in All Its Startling Details.As to the emissaries of the Gars, they all carry his glove, but since that affair at La Vivetiere the Grande Garce has added a green ribbon to it.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in The Chouans.The Rogron emissaries were standing beside the body of their victim, to torture her even after death.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in Pierrette.It was said they were spies and emissaries of I don't know what nation, and that they had been in all parts of the Asturias, holding conferences with some of the disaffected.ndash;George Borrow in The Bible in Spain.His emissaries declared that Keen Lung wished to deprive them all of their rank and authority, and that he had summoned Amursana to Pekin only for the purpose of deposing him.ndash;Demetrius Charles Boulger in China.These officials became the center of intrigue against the Chinese authorities, and whenever the Khan of Khokand determined to take up the cause of the Khojas he found the ground prepared for him by these emissaries.ndash;Demetrius Charles Boulger in China.On the other hand, all attempts at correspondence between Margaret or the exiled Lancastrians and himself had been jealously watched, and when detected, the emissaries had been punished with relentless severity.ndash;Edward Bulwer-Lytton in Last of the Barons, book 3.The times were those of mystery and of intrigue: the emissaries of the House of Stuart were restlessly at work among all classes; many of them, obscure and mean individuals, made their way the more dangerously from their apparent insignificance.ndash;Edward Bulwer-Lytton in Devereux, book 1.

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