Emitting: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature EmigratingWith the increasing emigration came an increasing demand for the comforts of civilization.ndash;John S.C. Abbott in David Crockett.I liked the determined action of Captain Ulimer, who I learned had emigrated with his parents to Montana when a boy, and had grown into manhood on the frontier.ndash;Andy Adams in The Outlet.If merely emigration is intended, and it is made no part of the scheme of emancipation, the case is altered radically.ndash;William Aikman in The Future of the Colored Race in America.The history of the race has never known such a thing; it has seen the emigration of millions, but the sending of them never.ndash;William Aikman in The Future of the Colored Race in America.In the new communities which our emigrating habit now constantly creates, this prosaic turn of mind is intensified.ndash;Walter Bagehot in The English Constitution.But what is to be done? I brought the seeds of the disease home with me from the emigration; heaven knows what I suffered then! My marriage, which might have repaired the wrong, far from soothing my ulcerated mind increased the wound.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in The Lily of the Valley (tr Katharine Prescott Wormeley).But the Revolution hindered his promotion, and Monsieur de Portenduere emigrated.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in Ursula (tr Katharine Prescott Wormeley).He of Bourges had emigrated; he of Touraine hid himself; he of Alencon fought in La Vendee and 'chouanized' somewhat.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in An Old Maid.His annuity of three thousand francs kept him from emigrating.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in An Historical Mystery.Monsieur de Mortsauf had emigrated at the very moment when the second stage of his education was about to begin, and accordingly that training was lacking to him.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in The Lily of the Valley (tr Katharine Prescott Wormeley).

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