Emmett Till: The Sacrificial Lamb of the Civil Rights Movement

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It has always been said that truth will ultimately prevail. This three part book represents that truism. Part One presents the untainted facts surrounding the story of Emmett Till's brutal lynching and the establishment of that incident as the true catalyst of the Civil Rights Movement during the 1950s. Unearthing and establishing Till as catalyst found its beginnings over thirty years later, in the 1988 Ford Doctoral Dissertation, "Emmett Till: The Impetus of the Modern Civil Rights Movement," by this author at the University of Iowa. It speaks the truth about the seminal role of the innocent fourteen-year-old northern youth whose brief visit to Mississippi, the metaphor for American racism, rendered him the status of martyr for victims of centuries of abject racial oppression. Part Two presents the raison d'tre for the book, as it confronts and exposes the abominable acts of plagiarism by several people whose obvious goal is to acquire fame and fortune for themselves. Part Three highlights the continuing commitment to the struggle on the part of the author via demonstrating the Till Continuum, represented by modern day examples of Black victimization. The plight of Black farmers, who are losing 9,000 acres of land per week, and land owners in general, such as "Smokin' Joe" Frazier who lost 140 acres of prime property in Bucks County, PA valued at 100 million dollars, are supreme paradigms of this reality. Thus, the injustices of robbing Black people and their future generations of their land legacy and the theft of the intellectual property of one who is dedicated to truth in its totality are the key elements in this book. Scholars, attorneys, celebrities, and many others have offeredtestimonies here, thereby rendering their dedication to bringing a halt once and for all to such pervasive injustices.

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