Empire of Liberty

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iUniverse, Feb 1, 2004 - Political Science - 184 pages
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America is a force for good. American ideals are triumphing throughout the world, and yet opposition to those ideas is still there. From the various cells of radical Islamic fundamentals to various intellectual elites in Europe and even in the United States, America is still attacked with both words and bullet. Just ask yourself this, would the world be better if the United States was not active in world affairs? That is the heart of the debate. My view is simple. America is good for the world.

Throughout the centuries, freedom has been the one entity continuously deprived. Jesus told us "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's and unto the God the things that are God's." Jesus' message was straightforward, there are things that are the purview of God and man cannot interfere or deny. Christianity reminds us that there are matters even more important than ourselves and that even our rulers are under the power of God. Caesar may have his place, but it is to rule not dominate. Caesar can't be God.

Indian author Gurcharau Das once observed that democracy is best in the hands of modest men. Modesty is a virtue for it is in modesty that individuals understand that there are limits to government and limits to what the courts can accomplish. Why conservatives believe in limited government is simple. The ability of government to solve all problems is impossible, and government is but one actor in society. Within the whole of society, many players interact from local businesses and local churches to local communities. Society is made of many parts and government is the legal vehicle to ensure that justice is for all. It is the vehicle to protect our right, not to abuse them. Government protects the freedom to worship, to speak out, to work and establish business. The hallmark of a conservative is modesty.

Thomas Donelson

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