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Use in Literature CootsThe wanton coot the water skims, Amang the reeds the ducklings cry, The stately swan majestic swims, And ev'ry thing is blest but I.ndash;Robert Burns in Poems And Songs Of Robert Burns.On the other hand, grebes and coots are eminently aquatic, although their toes are only bordered by membrane.ndash;Charles Darwin in On the Origin of Species.There are coots and grebes.ndash;Elizabeth Gaskell in Wives and Daughters.After the first glance she kept her eyes down, and would not look again while she told herself incessantly that it could not be, and that she was a fool and a goose and a perfect coot, to think of such a thing for a single moment.ndash;William Dean Howells in The Ragged Lady, complete.I was once looking out for ducks or coots in a thicket of bulrushes higher than my head, when I was startled by hearing a loud 'bomb!' at no great distance from me.ndash;Edward Wilson Landor in The Bushman.Black Flusterers, or bald Coot.ndash;John Lawson in A New Voyage to Carolina.Coots, Kingfisher, Loons, two sorts.ndash;John Lawson in A New Voyage to Carolina.Some call these the great bald Coot.ndash;John Lawson in A New Voyage to Carolina.Water Witch, or Ware Coot.ndash;John Lawson in A New Voyage to Carolina.Only gradually did he begin to observe and to question. That noiseless woman in coot blue and white was a nurse. He knew that.ndash;William J. Locke in The Fortunate Youth.

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