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Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageWest and Central Africa - News: October 17, 2005 - Headline: UN Takes Steps to Combat Sexual Abuse in Africa Missions. Excerpt: Occasionally these problems come up in a quite dramatic way, said Bertrand Coppens, who is in charge of reporting cases of sexual abuse for the mission in Ivory Coast. Most recently, and that was really a wake-up call, was that we had the problems in our mission in the Congo, where, once again, it was made clear that we really had to do something about it. ... Mr. Coppens of the Ivory Coast mission, which is made up of nearly seven-thousand military and civilian staff, says only five cases have been reported here. ... However, Mr. Coppens says he is encouraged that the United Nations' new stance also calls for the establishment of sexual abuse task forces in all of the world body's missions. He says the reinforcement of staff charged specifically with investigating allegations should help reduce the number of abuse cases. ... We hope that we will be able to be more pro-active in the sense that, when we do, then, only hear about a rumor, that we will be able to investigate to what extent, whether there is something behind that rumor or not, said Mr. Coppens. ... Mr. Coppens says the new task force is due to arrive in Ivory Coast soon.Patent UsageAdditive for lubricants containing a metal complex: Patented by Frank Deruyck and Wilfried Coppens on April 8, 1995. Abstract: An additive for lubricants including a dispersible metal complex compound containing phosphorus and nitrogen. This complex compound consists of a co-ordination compound containing a fatty acid residue and at most one RCOO group per two metal atoms. Zinc is the metal of preference. Utilization for wet drawing of metal wire.Angling head immobilization device: Patented by Daniel D. Coppens, John A. Crowell, Gary Gearon, John Damon Kirk, David M. Rabeno and Thomas R. Winward on November 4, 2002. Abstract: A portable, adjustable and angling head immobilization device for accurately and repeatably positioning a patient's head.Assembly Comprising a Cutting Device and a Packaging Device: Patented by Roelof H. Coppens Maria on January 17, 2003. Abstract: The invention relates to an assembly comprising, firstly, a cutting device for cutting slices of food product, including cheese or meat product, and, secondly, a packaging device for packaging cut slices of food product. The cutting device and packaging device are positioned one above the other, in particular are positioned on top of one another. Furthermore, there are transfer means for transferring cut slices from the cutting device to the packaging device. These transfer means may comprise a vertical lift.Composite laminates and their preparation: Patented by Daniel David Coppens on September 1, 1999. Abstract: A process of making a complex, non-planar molded composite material from an amorphous thermoplastic and thermosetting resin.Fluorochemical water- and oil-repellant treating compositions: Patented by Franceska Fieuws, Kathy Allewaert and Dirk Coppens on November 6, 1992. Abstract: This invention relates to a treating composition containing 0.3 to 30% by weight of a fluoroaliphatic radical containing poly(oxyalkylene) compound, 0.3 to 30% by weight of an anti-soiling agent and 0 to 60% by weight of an environmentally acceptable water-miscible organic solvent and water for the use for imparting excellent water- and oil repellency, stain resistance and dry soil resistance to textiles, carpets, concrete, paper, leather and wool.Fluroaliphatic dimer acid derivatives and use thereof: Patented by Dirk M. Coppens and Richard J. Grant on September 8, 1999. Abstract: This invention relates to fluorochemical compositions, their preparation and their use as water- and oil-repellents, and substrates treated therewith. The fluorochemical composition comprises a mixture of fluorochemical compounds and/or polymers, each component having at least two fluoroalip

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