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Use in Literature CorersChambers did his stealing, and got the peach stones, apple cores, and melon rinds for his share.ndash;Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) in Pudd'n'head Wilson.They finish economically with paints, stains and enamels and are highly valued as cores for fine hardwood veneers.ndash;W.B. Laughead in The Marvelous Exploits of Paul Bunyan.By such practical methods Edison found that the thin, laminated cores of sheet iron gave the least heat, and had the least amount of wasteful eddy currents.ndash;Dyer and Martin in Edison, His Life and Inventions.Cores were made of cast iron, others of forged iron; and still others of sheets of iron of various thicknesses separated from each other by paper or paint.ndash;Dyer and Martin in Edison, His Life and Inventions.Edison had a number of small wooden cores made, at both ends of which we inserted little brass nails, and we wound the wooden cores with twine as if it were wire on an armature.ndash;Dyer and Martin in Edison, His Life and Inventions.These cores were then allowed to run in an excited field, and after a given time their temperature was measured and noted.ndash;Dyer and Martin in Edison, His Life and Inventions.Continent, promiscuous, changeable, treacherous, vain, Proud, with the pride that makes struggle a thing for laughter; With heart cored out by the worm of theatric despair.ndash;Edgar Lee Masters in Spoon River Anthology.Immense regional intrusions, the cores of once lofty mountain ranges, are found upon the Laurentian peneplain.ndash;W.H. Norton in The Elements of Geology.Outflows of lava occurred along the Wasatch, the laccoliths of the Henry Mountains were formed, while the great masses of igneous rock which constitute the cores of the Spanish Peaks and other western mountains were thrust up amid the strata.ndash;W.H. Norton in The Elements of Geology.Such rounded cores, known as bowlders of weathering, are often left to strew the surface.ndash;W.H. Norton in The Elements of Geology.

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