Encyclopedia of Mississippi History: Comprising Sketches of Counties, Towns, Events, Institutions and Persons, Volume 1

Front Cover
Dunbar Rowland
S. A. Brant, 1907 - Mississippi
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Page 546 - All courts shall be open, and every man for an injury done him in his lands, goods, person, or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law, and right and justice administered without sale, denial, or delay.
Page 783 - Company, as also all the lands and territories lying to the westward of the sources of the rivers which fall into the sea from the west and northwest, as aforesaid ; and we do hereby strictly forbid, on pain of our displeasure, all our loving subjects from making any purchases or settlements whatever, or taking possession of any of the lands above reserved, without our special leave and license for that purpose first obtained.
Page 545 - In all criminal prosecutions or indictments for libels, the truth may be given in evidence to the jury ; and if it shall appear to the jury that the matter charged as...
Page 500 - Union, that the river Mississippi, and the navigable rivers and waters leading into the same, and into the gulf of Mexico, shall be common highways and forever free, as well to the inhabitants of the said state as to the inhabitants of other states and the territories of the United States, without any tax, duty, impost, or toll therefor, imposed by the said state...
Page 545 - That all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety and happiness.
Page 499 - June next; which convention when met, shall first determine, by a majority of the whole number elected, whether it be or be not expedient, at that time, to form a constitution and state government...
Page 546 - The people shall be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and possessions, from unreasonable searches and seizures ; and no warrant to search any place, or to seize any person or things, shall issue, without describing them as nearly as may be, nor without probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, subscribed to by the affiant.
Page 280 - Mississippi ; thence by a line to be drawn along the middle of the said river Mississippi until it shall intersect the northernmost part of the thirty-first degree of north latitude : south by a line to be drawn due east from the determination of the line last mentioned, in the latitude of...
Page 545 - That no man, or set of men, are entitled to exclusive or separate emoluments or privileges from the community but in consideration of public services, which not being descendible, neither ought the offices of magistrate, legislator, or judge to be hereditary.
Page 545 - Every citizen may freely speak, write, and publish his sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that liberty.

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