Encyclopedia of Presidential Vetoes from Washington Through to Biden: History, Subjects, and Procedures

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William S. Hein & Company, Incorporated, 2024 - Bills, Legislative
The presidential veto is one of the U.S. president's chief domestic powers and effectively grants the president the power to be the third house of Congress. Although the veto is qualified rather than absolute, even when Congress overrides a veto, members of Congress might modify proposals to meet the president's wishes. Often the mere threat of a veto also influences such legislation. At other times, presidential veto threats encourage members of the party in opposition to the president to propose bills that will further highlight such differences for political reasons. In encyclopedic form, this book provides entries on: how each U.S. president has exercised this power; on each of the major areas policy in which U.S. presidents have exercised the veto; on leading theorists and designers of the veto power; on leading debates about the exercise of this power; on Supreme Court decisions that have discussed the process; on proposed changes to the process; and on political aspects of the process. Each entry includes cross-references and bibliographic references, and the book includes a glossary and an index. This book will be an indispensable aid to students of the U.S. Presidency at a time when the president and congress are often at loggerheads on both constitutional matters and policy issues.--Publisher.

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