Encyclopedia of Creation Myths

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ABC-CLIO, 1994 - Science - 330 pages
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An easy to use volume that addresses the full spectrum of information on the subject, Encyclopedia of Creation MythS≪/i> is an indispensable reference source for students of mythology, religion, and classical literature as well as for general readers.

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Ainu Akongo Altaic Ameta ancient Anguta animals Apsu ation Atum Babylonian became beginning birds Brahman brother Buriat called came child clay cosmic egg cosmogony Coyote created creation from chaos Creation from Division Creation from Nothing creation myth creation story Creation Theory creator creator god darkness Division of Primordial Djanggawul Dogon E. A. Speiser Eagle Earth Mother Earth Starter earth-diver Earth-Diver Creation emergence Enki Enlil Enuma Elish Erlik everything ex nihilo father female fire Flood and Flood Flood Hero Gaia gave birth Ginnungagap Gnostic goddess Hainuwele Heaven and Earth Hebrew Hebrew Creation Hesiod himself Hindu creation Hopi humans Huruing Wuhti Ilmatar incest Indian Creation Inktomi Iroquoian Islands Izanagi Karora Keresan Khepri Kiho kiva Kuma Kumush Lahamu land Leach Lenape light live Maidu male Maori Marduk Massassi Mawu Mixtec moon Mother mountains Mwuetsi Native American Navajo Ngurunderi night Ninhursag Nyambe Obatala Olurun Pachacamac Pelasgians plants Poetic Edda Popol Vuh Prairie Falcon Prajapati primal Primordial Unity Prose Edda Purusa Rangi and Papa Raven Rig Veda sacred Sedna seeds sent shaman Shilluk sister Sky Father Snorri Sturluson Society Islands Source Spider Woman Spirit Sproul stars Sumerian Tamoi Tangaroa taught things Tiamat told took tree Trickster twins Unkulunkulu Upanishad Uranos Vatea vision quest Wakara went Wiyot world egg World Parent Creation world tree Yahweh Yaruros Yggdrasil Ymir Yokut Zeus Zoroastrian

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