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iUniverse, Jun 17, 2005 - Body, Mind & Spirit
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The purpose of "Energetic Empowerment" is to help you to stay in your own energies even if times are turbulent. It has techniques on centering, cutting old cords and visualizations to release old energies of this and other lives and also across dimensions. More importantly, it explains the reasons why people hold on to old familiar patterns both energetically and psychologically. Understanding alone will help you to rid yourself of old burdens that you cannot take with you into a life of higher frequency. Our job is to give you the tools and support you in any way we can. We do need your permission because we do not come uninvited. As you read through this material please take what is right for you and leave the rest either for later or maybe there are other methods that work better for you. Whatever you decide and however you chose to use this book, our love is with you.

-St. Francis

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I recommend this book to anyone who deals with taking on other people's negative energies on a regular basis.. I have read books on empathy and other methods of dealing with it prior to this book but to be honest they did not help much.
This book touched on why we do this: Because at some point we were taught to do this which results in poor energetic boundaries with other people.
I dealt with this when a highly negative person entered my life and became abnormally attached to me emotionally. This person would not let go of me energetically despite me telling him to leave me alone multiple times. When I cut contact the emotional energy I felt was overwhelming. It was angry, full of hatred, and revenge. I dealt with this for the past 3 years even though I ended up getting physically ill from the overwhelming negativity of this energy. To be honest I had never experienced anything like this in my entire life and very few people knew how to help me with this because it seems most people who are sensitive like me are lucky enough to never have someone dislike them as much as this guy did me.
I took steps this past year after meeting my boyfriend who encouraged me to practice meditation again and pursue yoga to strengthen my energy field to push this guy's hooks off of me. It has worked 80% of the way. This book further highlighted how my beliefs of feeling obligated to let other people dump their energy into me probably created this situation with this guy.
I also took a few more steps and purchased the William Rand Reiki Healing CD to further facilitate my ability to strengthen myself and build lifelong habits of setting boundaries so no one else can hurt me like this again. I also suspect negative people like this will leave me alone more now once they realize they cannot just suck my energy off of me.
I suspect most sensitives who I have known either as friends or via message boards suffer the same things at lesser levels than I did this past few years. I had dealt with it by elevating my spiritual energy through intense spiritual practice but it made me a target because people like this guy kind of live to suck off of those who have poor boundaries and feel obliged to share their loving force with others. I think this book is correct, the time for us to take on other people's pain is now over. Those people must deal with themselves and we must allow God to take care of their own by not taking on other people's negativity.
I've known empaths who are capable of actually absorbing people's physical illnesses. I am actually recommending this book to several close friends who are empathic like myself and sometimes find themselves disabled by negativity. I hope it will help them realize what I realized which is I do matter and I am not helping by taking their energy on. :) May this book help others the way it helped me.

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This book is the best spiritual enlightenment I have read so far. I recommend it to everyone. This book will help those who are advanced in their spiritual path as well as those that are beginning theirs.

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Davenport was born in Germany. She grew up in a quiet village near Munich. In college she studied business both in Germany and England. After several years in the business world, she met her husband, who is American. They moved to the United State where she completed an M.A. in counseling psychology. After several years of working as a therapist and supervisor, her channeling and energy experiences started full force.

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