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Use in Literature CouplingsCharnock talked to him carelessly until the couplings tightened and the locomotive began to snort, but his mouth was firm and his face set as he went back to his work.ndash;Harold Bindloss in The Girl From Keller's.The cars banged and rattled, slowing with jarred couplings and rolling on when the driving wheels gripped.ndash;Harold Bindloss in The Girl From Keller's.I ducked under the couplings and got on the far side of the train, away from the enemy.ndash;John Buchan in Mr. Standfast.He and some other passengers accordingly managed to undo the couplings, and the uninjured coaches, detached from the burning ones, glided down the incline into safety.ndash;Lord Frederic Hamilton in The Days Before Yesterday.The hills of False Bay were just dissolving into those of fairyland when I heard footsteps on the sand outside, and the clink of our couplings.ndash;Rudyard Kipling in Traffics and Discoveries.In spite of the shock to the prejudices of the old school of logicians, it must be confessed that the Tartars get on very well without any such couplings to their trains of thought.ndash;Percival Lowell in The Soul of the Far East.On time, the bell clanged its warning; the guards bawled theirs; doors were hastily opened and slammed; the trucks began to groan, couplings jolting as the engine chafed in constraint.ndash;Louis Joseph Vance in The Black Bag.The ten minutes seemed interminable that elapsed ere the grinding couplings advertised the imminence of their start.ndash;Louis Joseph Vance in The Black Bag. Nonfiction Usage Bible UsageEven to the artificers and builders they gave it, to buy hewn stone, and timber for couplings, and to floor the houses which the kings of Judah had destroyed.ndash;2 Chronicles 34:11Governmental UsageHistorical Economy in Brazil. The best prospects for U.S. firms include: refurbished locomotives, locomotive spare parts, breaking systems, couplings, diesel engine parts, communication systems, signaling systems, track maintenance equipment and services, and railroad ties of concrete and wood.Historical Economy in Mexico. This translates into demand for switches, transformers, control boards, lightning arrestors, circuit breakers, fuses and couplings.

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