Energy Law in Uganda

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Kluwer Law International, 2011 - Energy industries - 306 pages
Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws,this book provides a systematic approach to legislation and legal practiceconcerning energy resources and production in Uganda. The bookdescribes the administrative organization, regulatory framework, and relevantcase law pertaining to the development, application, and use of such forms ofenergy as electricity, gas, petroleum, and coal, with attention as needed tothe pervasive legal effects of competition law, environmental law, and tax law.A general introduction covers the geography of energy resources, sources andbasic principles of energy law, and the relevant governmental institutions.Then follows a detailed description of specific legislation and regulationaffecting such factors as documentation, undertakings, facilities, storage,pricing, procurement and sales, transportation, transmission, distribution,and supply of each form of energy. Case law, intergovernmental cooperationagreements, and interactions with environmental, tax, and competition law areexplained.Its succinct yet scholarly nature, as well as the practical quality of theinformation it provides, make this book a valuable resource for energy sectorpolicymakers and energy firm counsel handling cases affecting Uganda.It will also be welcomed by researchers and academics for its contribution tothe study of a complex field that today stands at the foreground ofcomparative law.

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