Energy Metabolism and Lifespan Determination

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M.P. Mattson
Elsevier, Dec 1, 2003 - Medical - 226 pages
Experts in the fields of energy metabolism, aging and oxidative stress provide an integrated view of how mechanisms involved in regulating energy metabolism are linked to fundamental processes of aging including cellular stress resistance and free radical production.

During evolution signal transduction pathways and organ systems have been optimised for the efficient seeking, ingestion, storing and using of energy. These signalling pathways play prominent roles in lifespan determination with insulin and related signalling pathways being prime examples. The authors consider how lifespan and healthspan can be extended through knowledge of energy metabolism with the experimental model of dietary restriction being one example. The information in this volume of ACAG will foster novel approaches and experiments for further understanding the roles of energy metabolism in aging and disease.


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This book has one 'review' that gave it two stars, and to add insult to injury, there comment was a blatant ad for some fake nonsense. I have not read the book, but it is an interesting topic which Google should have investigated further before accepting it's review, when it might be an excellent collection of reviews of important fields of lifespan research - that is a shame so I'll give it five stars as a counter to that spam that not only inserted trash, but trashed the source of its access to the Google web site. Maybe they should not post a review based on a single reviewer without having a human or the equivalent read it for whether it makes sense or not that this single review did not - the 'reviewer' turned it into a story about an amazing weight-loss product that they'd sell you. And so the work of experts, who wished to transmit their learnings into garbage like the garbage the 'reviewer' was selling for those who looked no further than the two stars from someone who couldn't have gotten through the first page of any article and who never read the book. So I never read the book either (who can afford this except libraries?), but I will defend the book against its 'star' rating, which was malicious fun at the expense of the authors and their natural audience and a cheap advertising gimmick for a product you should never buy.  

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Chapter 3 Oxidative Phosphorylation Mitochondrial Proton Cycling Freeradical Production and Aging
Chapter 4 Protein Turnover Energy Metabolism Aging and Caloric Restriction
A Beneficial Type of Stress
Chapter 6 Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress and Caloric Restriction
Chapter 7 Understanding the Aging Fly Through Physiological Genetics
Chapter 8 Metabolism and Life span Determination in C elegans
Chapter 9 Electron Transport and Life span in C elegans
Chapter 10 Cellular Glucose Sensing Energy Metabolism and Aging in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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