Engaging Europe: Rethinking a Changing Continent

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Evlyn Gould, George J. Sheridan, Jr.
Rowman & Littlefield, 2007 - 272 стор.
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What and where and who is Europe? This unique collection contends that Europe cannot be defined as simply a particular geographic location or a group of citizens who inhabit the same place and share a culture. Instead, Europe is a question to be answered by the teachers and students who study it. A collaborative and multidisciplinary collection, Engaging Europe explores Europe through history, literature, philosophy, music, and ethical narratives. A set of imaginative contributors investigates European identity through a variety of cases, including Greece and Rome, the Bible, the Enlightenment, and the Shoah. Scholars of literature, history, and classics, as well as a composer, grapple with students' doubts about Europe's future relevance. The complexity of the topic leads to creativity in each chapter, from a musical composition in words to poetry to a dialogue between Baudelaire and Adam Smith. Engaging Europe is a major part of an experiment that hopes to find more intellectually exciting ways to teach Europe to students in American higher education. Contributions by: Evlyn Gould, Joseph Krause, Robert Kyr, Massimo Lollini, Alexander B. Murphy, John Nicols, Steven Shankman, George J. Sheridan Jr., and Malcolm Wilson

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The Idea of Europe A Collaborative Pedagogical Project
A Story of Europe
The Idea of Europe Levinas and Shakespeares The Merchant of Venice
Relocating Europe
Idea of Rome Idea of Europe
Provincia Gallia Narbonensis
Listening and the Art of Survival
Primo Levis Testimony or Philosophy between Poetry and Science
Europe in the Wake of the Shoah
Autonomy and the Mistress Discipline in European Thought
Does Baudelaire Read Adam Smith?
On Charting Europeanness
A Bibliographic Essay
About the Contributors
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Evlyn Gould is professor of Romance languages at the University of Oregon. George J. Sheridan Jr. is associate professor of history at the University of Oregon.

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