English Dialogues Upon the Most Common Subjects of Life, with an English-German Vocabulary, for Schools and Private Use

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Heyder, 1813 - 127 pages

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Page 94 - I told you, we were all blown upon— now, here's an opportunity for retrieving our reputation— lend him the two hundred pounds — prove, for once, we can behave like gentlemen, and hark'ye — we fhan't reach the top of the profeffion.
Page 98 - Lady Sarah. Shan't I make a warlike appearance ! animate one army, and intimidate another ? reftore the name of amazon — revive the age of chivalry, and if there are fools that threaten, and cowards that dread an invafiori ; Oh ! how the thought fires me ! — (rifes,) — give me a few champions like myfelf, and we'll ftand on our white cliffs, and fcare away whole nations. Gingham.
Page 96 - I'll prove that I deserve your kindnefs — If ever my father pardons — but I see he's more and more angry,, so I take my leave. May every blessing attend you— may you meet with a heart as liberal as your own. — May your...
Page 92 - Speak the truth, indeed ! zounds ! firrah, what has truth to do with money lending ! \Here Ready exit. Enter CLARA SEDLEY. Clara. Oh, Guardy — I'm juft come to Bath with Mr. and Mrs. Darnley — we are all on a vifit at Sir George Gauntlet's, and (feeing Gingham, jhe flops.
Page 90 - ... hand — Ready, yours. Well ! here I am — quite converted — like father, like son — tell a lie without blushing. Flush. Here — I told you so — ay, ay, I knew the boy would come to something good at last — So, my dear boy, you have left off telling the truth — speaking your mind ? Ging.
Page 95 - I ever mention, fir, that you got thefe pictures by fueing out execution ? That you got that plate, by its being pawn'd to you for half its value ; that you intrigue with a female money-lender ; and that the laft time you were made a bankrupt* you went to get your certificate figned in a new vis-a-vis ? did I, or will I ever mention thefc things ? Flit/b.
Page 96 - May your cousin's distresses vanish — may your guardian, once more value a son, who can't help speaking the truth for the soul of him. ("Exit.) Clara. Upon my word he's a charming man! and pardon him you must, Guardy, if it's only to please me. Flush. No — I'm determined. / Enter a Servant. • ' *
Page 97 - I muft fhew him my fpirit — terrify him before marriage, in order to tame him after. (Going towards him wriggling her Sir ! Gingham.
Page 94 - Warm in his heart !— nonfenfe ! — will he be warm in the funds ? no — never — while he is fo candid — fo — • Clara.

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