English book-plates: ancient and modern

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G. Bell & sons, 1574 - Bookplates, English - 352 pages

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Still have to get my attention around to reading or studying this history in symbolic transmission of ideas. Class work for school is more important to build myself than pass over such work to the credit of those who would destroy the planet. But to echo another reviewer there is something both Amiss & Necessary about this particular book date. However based on the contents and style of the book, i am hopeful the year 1574, is not the simply transcription error felt present in back dated "Hebrew" as it appears dates from inside this book and others are erroneously noted, and may be in this specific case of educational reference to some item i have yet to locate of that 1574 book plate date, as perhaps even the Double Red bloodline death Band to travel or draw diagonal lines among squared lines and over farming rows, and Twin Stars origins of a "Vati Race" over "Hot Skinned slave race" on this cover. Again. The picture is the picture. Somewhere on the inside should be an origin or history of where this plan to destroy the planet by means of endless Slave Race and genocide of your own Vati Race to keep in balance with needed Hot Skin Labor to Ruling Vati Suppression Ratios, as is needed to replace the nine:YHWH Oxen for more than 2000 years murdered by VatiCanus Hill VacaCide:Mythrus to make man slave to man began to increase metal tithe attendance of Temples for Relief of Suffering, the Vati Race produces and then charges the price of a Canus in metal tithe rather than grain or animal offering to relieve.
This book was by very respectful means of 1,000 copies printed in 1892, then expanded with additions and editorial notes in a second 1892 printing. May Elah:Alah www.hebrew4christians.com/Names_of_G-d/Elah/elah.html in submission the Latin Bible G'od(d) upon all life and history be recognized, in place of our continuing submission to G'od upon the academics and learning n', in place of farm plow blessed by nin':YHWH Oxen.
There are a few people like myself who, do it better and make intentional mistakes, to expedite awareness of problems in our learning or understandings. Arabic Dried Dessert Lime not (Lemon) in your Milk, Mr Richard Feynman. The Cultivars of a social UNIverse of "In the beginning of VatiCanus Hill the WORD is G’od(d), and always will be with G'od(d)" do not want education that frees men from killing each other as the metal tithe is essential to they control and eventual rulership of the planet, by you know, proving they are unfit via genetic engineering and remote control rather than life in agreement with creation and natural forces of creation, rather than forced compliance to mistakes their 1004 AD Trinity and 327 AD ChiaRho Labarum under misplaced leadership loyalty mistakes made.

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Previous reviewer is correct--the date is clearly wrong.

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