English Composition, Its Aims, Methods and Measurement

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Public school publishing Company, 1923 - English language - 161 pages

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Page 103 - ... how to find books that are worth while. These two aims are fundamental; they must be kept in mind in planning the whole course and applied in the teaching of every term. II. Expression in speech includes: (a) Ability to answer clearly, briefly, and exactly a question on which one has the necessary information.
Page 123 - ... two faint yellow lights. At first he attributed these lights to the reflection of his own pupils, but soon the vivid brilliance of the night aided him gradually to distinguish the objects around him in the cave, and he beheld a huge animal lying but two steps from him. Was it a lion, a tiger, or a crocodile ? The...
Page 124 - ... it wore at first had passed. It was pale and meek now, and I love to think there was a kind of halo about it, like that which painters place around the forehead of a saint. So he drifted away. The sky grew darker and darker. It was only by straining our eyes through the unnatural twilight that we could keep the "Dolphin
Page 103 - Ability to collect and organize material for oral discourse on subjects of common interest. (c) Ability to present with dignity and effectiveness to a class, club, or other group material already organized. (d) Ability to join in an informal discussion, contributing one's share of information or opinion, without wandering from the point and without discourtesy to others. (e) For those who have, or hope to develop, qualities of leadership, ability, after suitable preparation and practice, to address...
Page 124 - An immense mass of granite, which here and there thrust out a wrinkled boulder, prevented the site from being used for building purposes. The street ran on either side of the hill, from one part of which a quantity of rock had been removed to form the foundations of the new jail.
Page 79 - ... stable, and understandable terms; (3) to furnish a common basis for comparing the writing proficiency of different pupils within the same class or school or that of pupils in different classes or schools ; (4) to classify pupils fairly in composition ; (5) to grade them justly within their group ; (6) to enable teachers to discover their reliability in judging the general merit of English composition; and (7) to furnish pupils an incentive to self-competition.
Page 54 - Lewis.(5) has recently made the only significant scientific contribution to the measurement of special kinds of writing. He has devised separate scales for measuring quality in (1) simple order letters, (2) letters of application, (3) simple narrative social letters, (4) expository social letters, and (5) narratives on the topic "One of My Most Interesting Experiences.
Page 103 - Ability to compose on the first draft a clear and readable paragraph or series of paragraphs on familiar subject matter, with due observance of unity and order and with some specific detail. (c) Ability to analyze and present in outline form the gist of a lecture or piece of literature, and to...
Page 104 - Ability (for those who have literary tastes or ambitions) to write a short story or other bit of imaginative composition with some vigor and personality of style and in proper form to be submitted for publication, and to arrange suitable stories in form for dramatic presentation. NOTE. — All expression In writing demands correctness as to formal details, namely, a legible and firm handwriting, correct spelling, correctness In grammar and Idiom, and observance of the ordinary rules for capitals...
Page 124 - In spite of the distance, increasing every instant, we could see his face plainly. The anxious expression it wore at first had passed. It was pale and meek now, and I love to think there was a kind of halo about it, like that which...

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