Enriched uranium processing

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Pergamon Press, 1963 - Science - 282 pages

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Page ii - MONOGRAPHS ON NUCLEAR ENERGY DIVISION I. ECONOMICS AND LAW Vol. 1 — Atomic Power: An Appraisal — C. ALLARDICE (Ed.) DIVISION II. NUCLEAR PHYSICS Vol. 1 — Neutron Cross Sections — DJ HUGHES. Vol. 2— Physics of Nuclear Fission— JES BRADLEY (Trans.). Vol. 3 — Soviet Reviews of Nuclear Science — Translation of "Atomnaya Energiya", vol.
Page 177 - E 122 Recommended Practice for Choice of Sample Size to Estimate the Average Quality of a Lot or Process E 141 Recommended Practice for Acceptance of Evidence Based on the Results of Probability Sampling 3.
Page ii - Vol. 3, No. 11 (1957). Vol. 4. YIFTAH, OKRENT and MOLDAUER — Fast Reactor Cross Sections Vol. 5. NELIPA — The Relation Between the Photo-production and the Scattering of Pi-mesons Vol. 6. DZHELEPOV — Isobaric Nuclei with the Mass Number A = 74 Vol.
Page 170 - SR Bernard and EG Struxness, A Study of the Distribution and Excretion of Uranium in Man, An Interim Report, ORNL-2304 (1957).
Page 85 - Development of the Continuous Method for the Reduction of Uranium Hexafluoride with Hydrogen — Process Development.
Page ii - Vol. 11 GRIGOR'EV — Isobaric Nuclei with the Mass Number A = 73 Vol. 12 ALIKHANOV — Recent Research in Beta-disintegration Division III. BIOLOGY Vol. 1 BURNAZYAN and LEBEDINSKII — Radiation Medicine Division IV. ISOTOPES AND RADIATION Vol. 1 GROSHEV, LUTSENKO, DEMIDOV and PELEKHOV — Atlas of Gamma-ray Spectra from Radiative Capture of Thermal Neutrons Vol. 2 VERKHOVSKII — The Use of Radioactive Isotopes for Checking Production Processes Vol. 3 SHUMILOVSKII and MEL'TTSER — Radioactive...
Page 149 - The rem (roentgen equivalent, man) is the most accurate unit for expressing exposure of man. One rem equals the absorbed dose of any ionizing radiation which produces the same biological effect in man as that resulting from the absorption of one roentgen of X-rays. The rad measure is qualified by an RBE (relative biological effectiveness) measure in order to arrive at an expression in rems. The RBE differs for various types of radiation, from a value of one for X-rays and gamma rays, to values as...
Page 85 - Aviation, Inc., National Lead Co. of Ohio, FMPC-516 (Del.) (1955). 4. SH Smiley and DC Brater, Continuous Processes for the Direct Reduction of Uranium Hexafluoride to Uranium Tetrafluoride of High Purity and Density. P/523, Vol. 4. these Proceedings. 5. HC Franke, Union Carbide Nuclear Co. (1956) (unpublished work). 6. RA Matuszeski, Manual of Quality Characteristics of Intermediate Uranium Fuel Element Products, National Lead Co. of Ohio, FMPC-433 (1954). 7. OC Dean, A...
Page 170 - Criticality Data and Nuclear Safety Guide Applicable to the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant, USAEC Report K.-1019 (5th Rev.), Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant, May 1959.
Page 127 - Interaction of Uranium and Its Alloys with Ceramic Oxides, ANL-5765, Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, Illinois (1957). 9. A. Glassner, The Thermal and Chemical Properties of the Oxides, Fluorides and Chlorides to 2500K, ANL-5750, Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, Illinois (1957). 10. Chemical Engineering Summary Report, ANL-5560, pp. 74-9, Argonne...