Enrolling: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature CrittersIt wor to play off one of the critters agin the other, and keep the old painter out uv his den with the karkiss of his mate.ndash;J.G. Austin in Outpost.But I don't see that human critters has any call to fly in the air, anyhow.ndash;L. Frank Baum in Sky Island.It did look jub'ous to see such a big thing movin' off with such little critters tuggin' it.ndash;Mary Hartwell Catherwood in Old Caravan Days.You'd better turn to and hate the critters here, just as I do.ndash;Holman Day in When Egypt Went Broke.Girls is queer critters.ndash;Zane Grey in The U.P. Trail.But it's no use talkin', they are just made critters that's a fact, full of health and life and beauty.ndash;Thomas Chandler Haliburton in The Clockmaker.If they don't look foolish it's a pity! Well, they have to nurse these critters all winter, with hot mashes, warm covering, and what not, and when spring comes, they mostly die, and if they don't they are never no good arter.ndash;Thomas Chandler Haliburton in The Clockmaker.Poor critters, when they get away back there, they grow as thin as a sawed lath; their little peepers are as dull as a boiled codfish; their skin looks like yaller fever, and they seem all mouth like a crocodile.ndash;Thomas Chandler Haliburton in The Clockmaker.So that, if you were to listen to the weak and noisy critters on both sides, you'd believe the House of Assembly was one half rogues and t'other half fools.ndash;Thomas Chandler Haliburton in The Clockmaker.What a pretty way that is, isn't it? If the critters knew how to cipher, they would soon find out that a sum stated that way always eends in a naught.ndash;Thomas Chandler Haliburton in The Clockmaker.

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