Entomological News, and Proceedings of the Entomological Section of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

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Entomological Rooms of the Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 - Insects

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Page 574 - Report upon the Aculeate Hymenoptera of the Islands of St. Vincent and Grenada, with additions to the Parasitic Hymenoptera, and a list of the described Hymenoptera of the West Indies,* Transactions,
Page 477 - JB Report of the Entomological Department of the New Jersey Agricultural College Experiment Station for the year
Page 603 - The relationship of drinking water, water-logging and the distribution of Anopheles mosquitos respectively to the prevalence of Malaria north of Calcutta.
Page 538 - Arbeiten aus den zoologischen Instituten der Universität Wien und der Zoologischen Station in Triest,
Page 442 - A. A preliminary investigation of the theory of the inoculation of malarial fever through the agency of mosquitoes,
Page 377 - forests in the northwest : an account of the results gained from a reconnoissance trip made in the Spring and early Summer of 1899.
Page 603 - AD The Hessian fly in West Virginia and how to prevent losses from its ravages,
Page 383 - coming from the Pamir and Transalai regions of Asia, but is smaller. The fuscous area of the basal portions of the primaries and secondaries is reduced, extending outwardly only to the middle of the cell, and the entire wing beyond this is bright reddish fulvous, with the characteristic lines and spots narrow and fine.
Page 504 - Annual Report of the Hatch Experiment Station of the Massachusetts Agricultural College,
Page 478 - Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der schwedischen Expedition nach den Magellansländern, 1895-1897, Unter Leitung von Dr. Otto Nordenskjöld

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