Entraining: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Familiar Quotations Cryptographs ndash; CodingLanguage is legislation, speech is its code. We do not see the power which is in speech because we forget that all speech is a classification, and that all classifications are oppressive.ndash;Roland BarthesI like the English. They have the most rigid code of immorality in the world.ndash;Malcolm BradburyWe're given a code to live our lives by. We don't always follow it, but it's still there.ndash;Gary OldmanNo one should expect the government to act in accordance with the moral code appropriate to the conduct of the individual.ndash;Baruch SpinozaReal programmers can write assembly code in any language.ndash;Larry Wall Use in Literature CryptographsAs it was, I assumed the cryptograph to be English.ndash;J. Montgomery Gambrill in Selections from Poe.But be assured that the specimen before us appertains to the very simplest species of cryptograph.ndash;J. Montgomery Gambrill in Selections from Poe.In the present instance we see it doubled no less than five times, although the cryptograph is brief.ndash;J. Montgomery Gambrill in Selections from Poe.The cryptograph used throughout the war was perfected by him, and baffled all attempts of the enemy to translate it.ndash;Maurice Joblin in Cleveland Past and Present (Its Representative Men Comprising Biographical Sketches of Pioneer Settlers and Prominent Citizens).But a copy of the essential page, the page containing the solution of the problem, or at least a cryptographic solution, was conveyed to Marie Antoinette, who slipped it into the binding of her book of hours.ndash;Maurice LeBlanc in The Hollow Needle.He devised a cryptograph or machine for turning a message into cypher which could only be interpreted by putting the cypher into a corresponding machine adjusted to reproduce it.ndash;John Munro in Heroes of the Telegraph.

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