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Use in Literature CucumbersHe was as cool as a cucumber, as his only shot proved, but years afterward when he told me of the incident, he lost all control of himself, and fire flashed from his eyes like from the muzzle of a sixshooter.ndash;Andy Adams in The Outlet.The garden suffered terribly from these insects, which destroyed whole rows of cucumber plants.ndash;Samuel White Baker in Ismailia.The Englishwoman, cool as a cucumber, appeared to rejoice in her phlegmatic humor.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in Gaudissart II (tr Clara Bell and others).Termed also trepang, sea cucumber, sea slug, cotton spinner, and known scientifically as Holothuridae, no less than twenty varieties have been described and are identified by popular and technical titles.ndash;E.J. Banfield in The Confessions of a Beachcomber.Within two months corners of the desert yard began to blossom, to bear cucumbers and radishes, and to be fragrant with shallots.ndash;E.J. Banfield in Tropic Days.While she was looking for a seemly cucumber, a rat was disturbed, and almost immediately after she was bitten by a death adder which had lain inert at the very spot whence the rat had fled.ndash;E.J. Banfield in Tropic Days.Not much has been done in the garden this year on account of the fowls, but we have had a few vegetables. The cucumbers have done well.ndash;K.M. Barrow in Three Years in Tristan da Cunha.We are quite proud of our cucumbers.ndash;K.M. Barrow in Three Years in Tristan da Cunha.Greenhorn and crab were jokes; cucumber and lobster were insults.ndash;Charles de Bernard in Gerfaut, vol 1.If Queen Victoria were to drop in unexpectedly to luncheon, my aunt would be as cool as one of her own early cucumbers, and would insist on showing the Queen her stables, and possibly her pigs.ndash;Mary Elizabeth Braddon in The Golden Calf.

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