Erotic Art in the 19th Century

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Crescent Moon Publishing, Nov 23, 2020 - Art - 362 pages


by Cassidy Hughes

The history of erotic art in the 19th century is explored in this detailed and fully illustrated survey.

The major erotic artists of the nineteenth century are featured: Thomas Rowlandson, Jean Baptiste Dominique Ingres, Felicien Rops, Pierre Renoir, Gustave Courbet, J.M.W. Turner, Edgar Degas, Gustav Klimt, Gustave Moreau, Aubrey Beardsley and William Bouguereau. Also, many anonymous artists of prints, paintings and photographs.

'Erotic Art In the 19th Century' also includes discussions of topics related to erotic art, such as art and pornography (illustrated with numerous examples) - the female nude - the male nude - censorship - photography and eroticism - sex and religion - sexuality and Christianity - pagan and mythological erotic art - phallic art - lesbian art - orgasm - voyeurism - artists and models.

The first part of this book on 19th century erotic art uses short entries about aspects of erotic art (with examples from the whole history of erotic art). The bulk of the second part of the book focusses on the celebrated artists of the 19th century whose work is considered erotic, as well as many anonymous works. The appendices feature 50 pages with many more classics of erotic art of the 19th century.

Fully illustrated. This book contains many illustrations which are rare. And an introduction and bibliography.

This second edition contains fifty new pages.

362 pages. Paperback. Available in hardcover.

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