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AuthorHouse, 1997 - Fiction - 352 pages
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In the thirtieth century men had learned to live together, if only in an uneasy state which they had come to accept as peace.  Could a world where the art of war had long been forgotten resist an attack by a ruthless army composed of the cruelest despots of history? 

Anton Doleman, a brilliant scientist from the thirtieth century, plotted to overthrow established authority by gathering from the past an army composed of such men. 

His plan was discovered and he was sentenced to prison.  However, he escaped and traveled into the past to recruit such a following.  His notes, confiscated at the time of his arrest, gave the Bureau of Public Safety a clue as to his intentions.  He could not be allowed to gather such a force and return to his own time at its head to complete his plan of world domination.  The Bureau of Public Safety sends two chrononauts, Dexter Braden and Karen Crystal, on a perilous search for Doleman to capture and return him to his own time.

In their quest the chrononauts journey to Atlantis, where Doleman gathers a rare element, nonexistent in the thirtieth century but necessary for his doomsday weapon, and barely escape with their lives when the continent is destroyed.  They follow Doleman to Russia during the First World War, where he is attempting to recruit Rasputin.  Being foiled by Dexter and Karen, he flees to Missouri during the Civil War.  The chrononauts follow and find themselves pitted against not only their quarry but the villainous Quantrill and his murderous gang as well.  They finally run Doleman to ground in the Byzantine Empire where they become embroiled in a deadly conflict with Attila the Hun and his bloodthirsty horde.

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Barnes spent over seven years in Biomedical Electronics, working in over 20 hospitals in the Philadelphia area.

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