Escape the Global Storm

Xulon Press, 2008 - 256 pagina's
Anyone who has been objectively reading their daily newspapers or watching the evening news has to be wondering what in the world is going on. It seems like conditions all around the globe are beginning to spin out of control. In fact, it is hard to identify a time in history when the world has faced so many complex and potentially devastating problems at the same time. In Escape the Global Storm, A personal guarantee from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Bob Sullivan uncovers the reasons for the growing chaos that is occurring throughout the world today. He takes the reader back four thousand years to the time when God Almighty unveiled His eternal plan for humanity to Abraham. He shows just how important that plan is to God and how it is impacting world events today. This book will change your view of world events, but, more importantly, it will reveal a glorious future that is waiting for all those who put their trust in Jesus Christ. Bob Sullivan grew up in Corning, New York. He met his wife Shirley in 1966 and was married one year later. They currently reside in Connecticut as do their two married children and seven grandchildren. Shirley is a life long Christian but it was not until 1976, that Bob committed his life to Jesus Christ. He began studying Second Coming prophecy after reading Hal Lindsay's Late Great Planet Earth in the late 70s. He has spent hundreds of hours studying Prophecy and has put his knowledge to use by leading several studies on the subject at his home church. He has also conducted two "day long" prophecy conferences and has developed a website that is dedicated to current events in light of Biblical truth. (

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Skeptics must read

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This author definitely put a lot of time and effort into his research. I am impressed with how everything fits together. It makes you realize that the events of today are exactly as god planned. I definitely recommend this book. Volledige review lezen

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