Espionage's Most Wanted™: The Top 10 Book of Malicious Moles, Blown Covers, and Intelligence Oddities

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Potomac Books, Inc., Mar 31, 2003 - Political Science - 300 pages
In Espionage's Most Wanted™, readers will learn that America’s first spymasters included Benjamin Franklin and John Jay. Otto von Bismarck’s chief spy, Wilhelm Stieber, posed as an itinerant peddler and sold religious artifacts and pornography to enemy troops as a cover for collecting intelligence. During the cultural competition of the Cold War, the CIA helped popularize abstract expressionism by spending millions to promote the careers of artists such as Jackson Pollock. The East Germans once traded two captured West German agents for one dead East German agent. CIA officer E. Howard Hunt cleverly disrupted an intimate dinner meeting between Mexican Communists and a Soviet delegation by distributing party invitations to the general public. During the 1980s and early 1990s, the CIA employed psychics to “remotely view” places of interest in the Soviet Union.

Espionage's Most Wanted™, chronicles 500 of the most daring spies, ingenious plots, bungled operations, and surprising facts about the history of espionage and intelligence from around the world. Its fifty lists include the top-ten intelligence agencies, master spies, traitors, spy gadgets, code-breaking coups, covert operations blunders, and colorful dirty tricks. History buffs and espionage enthusiasts will enjoy this irreverent but illuminating look at the world of spies and intelligence.

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Favorite Watering HolesA Tour of Western Europe and the United States
Bosses Spymasters
The Price Is Right
Freedom of the Press for All Those Who Own a Press
Patron of Letters
The Company and The Friends Take to the Air
From A Better World A World Full of Bliss to a Wet Job and The Measles
They Shoot Spies Dont They?

American Revolution American Spies
American Revolution English Spys
Major Martin and FriendsThose Who never Were
A Spys Walk Through London
A Spys Washington DC
Still Classified After All These years
Companies of the Company
James and the Giant Peach to Goldfinger
Noms de Plume and dEspionage
The Monster Rally Dirty Tricks and Black Propaganda
Swallows and Honeytraps
Ravens or Swans the Male Swallows
Cover Jobs
The Rich and Famous Worked Here Too
Great Quips from the Great Game
Creativity at the Bureau
The Magnificent Five Plus Five
Loyalty Loyalty Wherefore Art Thou Loyalty?
Ten for the Intelligence Cognoscenti
Ten for Tube Alloys and the Manhattan Project
The Company Goes to the Movies
The Company as Culture Vulture
Encounter et al the CIAS Stable of Highbrow Culture Magazines
Ten Selected Books Published by the CIA Front Congress for Cultural Freedom
It Always Sounds Better in FrenchEspecially If you Dont Know French
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Tom E. Mahl holds a doctorate in history and teaches at Case Western Reserve University. He is the author of Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44 and Espionage's Most Wanted™. Dr. Mahl lives in Elyria, Ohio.

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