Esquire Things a Man Should Know about Work and Sex (and Some Things in Between)

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All men need to know the rules that lead to success in every professional and social situation, and no one can explain them with more humor and verve than Esquire's experts: "Queer Eye Guy" Ted Allen and Scott Omelianuk.

With lots of wit and plenty of wisdom, this to-the-point handbook advises men on all aspects of life, from topics to discuss during a plane flight with the boss to surefire signs a woman wants to get you into bed. (There are no surefire signs.) Written by Ted Allen, one of the Fab Five on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and Scott Omelianuk, Esquire's former executive editor, it presents the rules of the game that every man who wants to get ahead should follow in these complicated times. Need etiquette guidance on the job? Find out what to wear on an interview, what things never to order at a business dinner, how to fire somebody, how to ask for a raise, and more. Want ideas to heat up the bedroom? Always remember: It's about her. Except when it's about her. Every page offers a delicious new tidbit of enlightening amusement.

Things a Man Should Know:
The thing is, the clothes do make the man.
Use all the mouthwash and breath mints you like.
Sticky notes are not stationery.
Everybody who drinks the office coffee should occasionally make a pot.
On the notion that good girls don't: Yes, they do.
Menage ; trois: French for "In your dreams."

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