Essay on the modifications of clouds, Volume 1

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Page vi - Horizontal, or slightly inclined masses, attenuated towards a part or the whole of their circumference, bent downward or undulated, separate or in groups, consisting of small clouds having these characters.
Page 4 - Consequently, the pressure or whole weight upon any one particle arises solely from those of its own kind. " 2. The force of steam from all liquids is the same at equal distances above or below the several temperatures at which they boil in the open air, and that force is the same under any pressure of another elastic fluid as it is in -vacua. Thus the force of aqueous vapour of 212 is equal to 30 inches of mercury; at 30...
Page xiv - On the return of the sun, the level surface of this cloud begins to put on the appearance of cumulus, the whole ut the same time separating from the ground. The continuity is next destroyed, and the cloud ascends and evaporates, or passes on' with the appearance of the nascent cumulus.
Page 4 - Atmosphere," propounded the now celebrated view that " where two elastic fluids denoted by A and B are mixed together, there is no mutual repulsion amongst their particles; that is, the particles of A do not repel those of B, as they do one another ; consequently the pressure or whole weight upon any one particle arises solely from those of its own kind.
Page 2 - Modification lie mostly in the same plane, those which are more elevated appearing through the intervals of the lower, or the latter showing dark against the lighter ones above them. When the Cumulus increases rapidly, a Cirro-stratus is frequently seen to form around its summit, reposing thereon as on a mountain, while the former Cloud continues discernible in some degree through it. This state of things continues but a short time.
Page 5 - ... of the particles of air, and is similar to that which a stream of water meets with in descending amongst pebbles.
Page xiii - ... fair weather, are often periodical, and keep pace with the Temperature of the day. Thus, they will begin to form some hours after sun-rise, arrive at their maximum in the hottest part of the afternoon, then go on diminishing, and totally disperse about sun-set. But in chanffeable weather they partake of the vicissitudes of the atmosphere: sometimes evaporating almost as soon as formed; at others suddenly forming, and as quickly passing to the compound modifications.
Page 2 - Cumulus performs this evolution by itself, and its superior part then constitutes the incumbent Cirro-stratus. In either case a large lofty dense Cloud is formed, which may be compared to a Mushroom with a very thick short stem.

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