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Macmillan and Company, limited, 1921 - 431 strán (strany)

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Strana 112 - For some we loved, the loveliest and the best That from his Vintage rolling Time hath prest, Have drunk their Cup a Round or two before, And one by one crept silently to rest.
Strana 153 - Wi' mair o' horrible and awfu', Which ev'n to name wad be unlawfu'. As Tammie glowr'd, amaz'd, and curious, The mirth and fun grew fast and furious ! The piper loud and louder blew ; The dancers quick and quicker flew ; They reel'd, they set, they cross'd, they cleekit, Till ilka carlin swat and reekit, And coost her duddies to the wark, And linket at it in her sark ! Now Tam, O Tam ! had they been queans A' plump and strapping, in their teens ; Their sarks, instead o...
Strana 388 - You'll never see me more in the long gray fields at night; When from the dry dark wold the summer airs blow cool On the oat-grass and the sword-grass, and the bulrush in the pool.
Strana 186 - I think, indicated the poetical character and temperament. It was large, and of a dark cast, which glowed (I say literally glowed) when he spoke with feeling or interest. I never saw such another eye in a human head, though I have seen the most distinguished men of my time.
Strana 117 - L — himself, the most delightful, the most provoking, the most witty and sensible of men. He always made the best pun, and the best remark in the course of the evening.
Strana 251 - Hobhouse muttering fearful curses, As the hatchway down he rolls, Now his breakfast, now his verses, Vomits forth — and damns our souls. " Here's a stanza On Braganza — Help !" — " A couplet?"—" No, a cup Of warm water — " " What's the matter?" " Zounds ! my liver's coming up ; I shall not survive the racket Of this brutal Lisbon Packet.
Strana 285 - Upon thy table's baize so green The last new Quarterly is seen, — But where is thy new Magazine, My Murray? Along thy sprucest bookshelves shine The works thou deemest most divine — The " Art of Cookery,
Strana 164 - TO MEADOWS YE have been fresh and green, Ye have been fill'd with flowers, And ye the walks have been Where maids have spent their hours.
Strana 196 - twas setting the expiring glimmer of a farthing taper beside the cloudless glory of the meridian sun. Here was tasteless insipidity, vulgarity of soul, and mercenary fawning; there, polished good sense, heavenborn genius, and the most generous, the most delicate, the most tender Passion. I have done with her, and she with me.
Strana 129 - A Comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. By William Whitehead, Esq. ; Poet Laureat. London : Printed for R. and J. Dodsley in Pall-Mall ; and sold by J. Hinxman, in Pater-noster-row. MDCCLXII.

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