Essentials in Conducting

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Oliver Ditson Company, 1919 - Conducting - 184 pages
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Page 66 - Tender-handed stroke a nettle, And it stings you for your pains ; Grasp it like a man of mettle, And it soft as silk remains.
Page 10 - Wit laughs at things ; Humor laughs with them. Wit lashes external appearances, or cunningly exaggerates single foibles into character; Humor glides into the heart of its object, looks lovingly on the infirmities it detects, and represents the whole man. Wit is abrupt, darting, scornful and tosses its analogies in your face; Humor is slow and shy, insinuating its fun into your heart.
Page 69 - So, when our life is clouded o'er . And storm-winds drift us from the shore, Say, lest we sink to rise no more,
Page 119 - ... one State is listed only by his principal office or address. Detailed tables were then compiled for each State. In each State the podiatrists were tabulated by county, cities, and standard metropolitan statistical areas. From these State tables, a summary table (table I) for the Nation was prepared. It may be of interest to the reader to know that, in the Nation, there are 3,115 counties, 2,168 places with over 10,000 population and 215 standard metropolitan statistical areas. In estimating the...
Page 13 - ... played under his direction are agreed on this point. Irrespective of the fact that conducting for any length of time tired him out, he had neither the collectedness and prompt presence of mind, nor the sympathetic faculty, nor the enterprising dash, without each of which conducting in the true sense is impossible. He even found a difficulty, in starting at a given tempo ; nay, he sometimes shrank from giving any initial beat ; so that some energetic pioneer would begin without waiting for the...
Page 47 - The whole duty of a conductor is comprised in his ability always to indicate the right TEMPO. His choice of tempi will show whether he understands the piece or not. With good players again the true tempo induces correct phrasing and expression, and conversely, with a conductor, the idea of appropriate phrasing and expression will induce the conception of the true tempo.
Page 10 - Humor originally meant moisture, a signification it metaphorically retains, for it is the very juice of the mind, oozing from the brain, and enriching and fertilizing wherever it falls.
Page 65 - Contrasts of tone-color, contrasts of differently placed choirs, contrasts of sentiment — love, hate, hope, despair, joy, sorrow, brightness, gloom, pity, scorn, prayer, praise, exaltation, depression, laughter, and tears — in fact all the emotions and passions are now expected to be delineated by the voice alone. It may be said, in passing, that in fulfilling these expectations choral singing has entered on a new lease of life. Instead of the cry being raised that the choral societies are doomed,...
Page 62 - ... very top of their power; and that sforzando means a violent accent approaching the effect of a blast of dynamite, whether occurring 'in the midst of a vigorous, spirited movement, or in a tender lullaby. Berlioz, in the treatise on conducting appended to his monumental work on Orchestration...
Page 154 - Bülow, in his witty way, divided conductors into those who have their heads in the score and those who have the score in their heads. I might distinguish them, perhaps rather more deeply, by means of the following antithesis — some conductors see only the notes, others see what is behind the notes. Then again there are conductors who destroy the unity of a work that is one and indivisible, and others who can shape the apparently...

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