Ethics, Tools, and the Engineer

الغلاف الأمامي
CRC Press, 2001 - 306 من الصفحات
Modern society faces two problems: the development of acceptable metho ds for the introduction of new and powerful tools and the need for a t rustworthy, universally applicable ethical system. Part of the problem may be attributed to the lack of a reliable system of ethics that can be brought to bear on the issues of new biotechnology, information te chnology, and chemical industry. Ethics, Tools, and the Engineer descr ibes and defines the role of the engineer and tools in society. This b ook gets to the heart of the ethical issues that pertain to living in a rapidly changing world where most changes result from the activity o f engineers. It describes what a tool is, the benefits or dangers invo lved in using tools, and how they are used by engineers today. It also includes laws and guidelines and how our society is dealing with thes e issues.

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