Ethnonationalism in India: A Reader

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Sanjib Baruah
Oxford University Press, 2010 - Political Science - 519 pages
India's democracy that co-exists with--and is energized by--the country's exceptional ethnonational diversity has long been a puzzle to students of comparative politics. This reader, the fourth in the Critical Issues in Indian Politics series, is an anthology of key theoretical essays and analytical writings on ethnonational movements and conflicts that frame major debates.

One of the first of its kind, Ethonationalism in India brings together important writings in the study of ethnonationalism in India in its various forms--separatism, secessionism, sub-nationalism, and regionalism. With contributions from eminent scholars in the field, the volume focuses on issues including the virtues and drawbacks of India's 'demos-enabling' federalism, 'consociationalism' in Indian politics, and whether India is an 'ethnic democracy'. Reflecting competing theoretical and political perspectives, the volume also assesses India's record of managing ethnonational diversity, analyzes the three waves of reorganization of states, and traces the intellectual history of debates on federalism, and on majoritarian versus consensual democracy, that began well before Independence.

Ethnonational demands in postcolonial India are often accommodated, but there are times when they escalate into intractable conflicts. The essays illuminate resolved and unresolved conflicts in Kashmir, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, the Naga areas, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu.

With a comprehensive Introduction guiding the reader through the intellectual terrain, this collection of new and updated essays will be useful to students and scholars of politics, sociology, history, and cultural studies, as well as those interested in policy vis-�-vis India's separatist conflicts.

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About the author (2010)

Sanjib Baruah is Professor of Political Science at Bard College, Honorary Professor at the Centre for Policy Research, and is also Visiting Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology in India.

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