Evangelicals Etcetera: Conflict and Conviction in the Church of England's Parties

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Ashgate Pub., 2005 - 252 strani
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The ordination of a gay bishop in the USA revealed sharp differences in the Anglican Church world wide. The Church of England is seen as torn apart by divisions. Evangelical churches and clergy threaten separation. Behind the conflicts lies 'churchmanship'. 'Anglo-catholic', 'Evangelical', 'Liberal', 'Charismatic' and similar labels are in regular use; those who stand for particular churchmanships use labels both as battle-cries and as accusations. Evangelicals Etcetera is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to clergy churchmanship. Four major questions are asked and answered in this book. What is churchmanship? Can it be measured? Are particular kinds of people drawn to particular forms of churchmanship? What difference does churchmanship make to the way Anglican clergy believe and behave?

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Revd Dr Kelvin Randall is an Anglican Vicar and Clergy Trainer in Southampton, UK. He is also Researcher at the National Centre for Religious Education at the University of Wales, Bangor, UK.

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