Evolution Rx

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Penguin, May 5, 2009 - Health & Fitness - 336 pages
Provocative, science-based, and practical, this guide presents a new way for readers to understand their bodies and promote vibrant health.

Countless books and experts have advised adopting the "cave-man diet" that avoids processed foods and refined carbohydrates. But how and what to eat is only the beginning of what human evolution can teach about health. Based on the latest research, Evolution Rx provides readers with an understanding of the underlying science and a practical means to making nutritional and lifestyle changes, from exercise and injury prevention to addressing allergies, heart health, cancer, and more. Dr. Meller, one of the country's pre-eminent practitioners of evolutionary medicine, explores such topics as:

?Why eating more fat can fuel weight loss

?Why humans can't register fullness when eating carbohydrates, and what to do about it

?Why getting more sun leads to better health

?Why not to stretch before exercise

?Why children should be encouraged to get dirty


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A Brief Note on Language
The Krispy Kreme Age
What Did Our Ancestors Eat?
Enter the Farmer
Obesity in a World of Perpetual Plenty
Carbs and Proteins and Fats Oh My
Fat or Fit? An Evolutionary Choice
How Sweet Its Not
Vitamin D and Aging
The Truth About Sun and Cancer
The Calcium Factor
Rise and Shine
In Search of Sleep
How to Make It Through the Night
Sleep Like a Caveman
This Thing Called Love

Microscopic Enemies
The Not So Common Cold
Why We Cough
You Give Me Fever
A Shot in the Arm
An Ounce of Prevention
Under the Influenza
Sleeper Cells
Below the Belt
The Escalating Arms Race
A Peck of Dirt
Are Our Immune Systems Failing Us?
AllergiesReal and Imagined
What Are Allergies Anyway?
Can I Eat That? Allergy Versus Intolerance
The Hygiene Hypothesis
We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us
As the Worm Turns
Gummed Up by Gluten
Where Do We Go from Here?
Our Toxic World
The Blame Game
What Are Toxins?
The Dawn of Toxins
The Bodys Hazmat Crew
Panic in the Pantry
Toxic Food Details at 11
ManMade Poisons
The Stoned Age
Where Theres Smoke
Do Toxins Cause Cancer?
Dodging Cancer
Do Emotions Cause Cancer?
A World of Hurt
Trauma as a Lifestyle
How We Heal
Heed the Pain
Gain Without Pain
The Truth
Walking Tall
Getting Burned
Water Water Everywhere
Through the Wringer
Bathed in Light
Vitamin DFree for All
Dishing Dirt
The Secrets of Attraction
A Womans Choice
O By the Way
Whos Your Daddy?
Periods of Adjustment
Oh What a Beautiful Morning Sickness
Natures FailSafe
The 9Month Ordeal
Mothers Milk
Are We All Crazy?
Brain Matters
Building a Better Brain
Risky Business
Hardwired Emotions
The Pursuit of Happiness
The NotTooExtended Family
The Anatomy of Melancholy
The Downward Spiral
Fear Itself
High Anxiety
Conquering Fear
Hyper Heroes
Altered States
Tuned In
The Paragon of Animals
ByeBye Appendix?
When Bigger Was Better
What Else Pumps Up the Pressure?
The Bookworms Lament
Stones Bones and Groans
Playing the Odds for Survival
The Devil s Bargain Revisited
More Time on Earth
Stone Aging
Raging Hormones
The Grandmother Hypothesis
The Silver Fox Hypothesis
Extending the Journey
The Ticking Clock
Free Radicals on the Loose
Dont Eat Do Drink Be Merry
I ll Drink to That
Youre in Charge
Where Do We Go from Here?

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